Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Sufficient unto the day

Sunday it rained.

Monday it rained.

Today, Tuesday it poured.  Torrents, oceans, millions of gallons.

Many of us in this South Eastern, middle bit of England have been praying (literally) for rain.  The ground has been like concrete for months so little of the wet stuff have we seen.

I am as guilty of provoking the deluge as the rest.  My so-called garden has been slowly drying and crisping week-by-week.


Enough Lord.

Did we have to have a lifetimes prayers for rain answered in three days?

As well as getting wet several times a day.  Seeing the army of snails increasing by the dozen even as I watched.  Hearing the doleful autumn song of the robin.  (It's still summer!), the weeds are turning into trees.

This coming Sunday we have the annual Close BBQ.  It must stop by then surely?

You could be forgiven for  thinking I ought to be used to rain, after all, I am Welsh, but I have lived away from Wales for a very long time and since living here in Aylesbury have become used to a smaller share of the wet stuff.

This summer has been largely grey chilly interspersed with occasional sunny, and on two occasions very hot days.  Not a good summer by any stretch of the imagination.
Wimbledon's second week was too hot but it has been largely downhill from there.

I had hoped August and September might make up for the deficit but the time is whizzing by and there is less hope of that daily.

Can't remember what it was doing on St Swithun's day but have my suspicions.

Next week I am taking a week off in order to try out my bus pass for  once out of Aylesbury.  I shall go to various towns nearby just so I know they are still there.

It has been some time since I ventured further than 3 or 4 miles and need to expand my horizons while i still have the courage.

One trip will be to Milton Keynes that great Mecca for shopaholics. (sorry can't spell it)

What will I buy?

A mac of course.


  1. I hear your heartfelt words.....and feel guilty at complaining about the weather...its glorious here after a day of rain yesterday...
    Enjoy your trips out...I think waiting till after the Bank holiday is a good idea...but it's good to have our horizons opened occasionally! Xx

  2. Don't feel guilty, just be glad someone is getting some sun. It poured again today until about 2.30 and we now have glorious sunshine!!
    I shall enjoy my trips out, as long as it isn't raining :-)

  3. It's been raining all week here in Normandy, Ray and we've had rain at other times too, but otherwise we haven't had the greyness you and my sister in Mid-Wales have both been complaining about. A grey summer isn't much of one, so I hope you get a proper Indian summer. Enjoys your trips. :-)