Friday, 26 December 2014

Oh No, Not Baby Oleg, I Can't Bear It.

After all the wonderful (totally exhausting) music and services of the last few days it was a relief to get home after Christmas Morning's Eucharist and slump.

Zombie-like after the four hour's sleep between getting home after Midnight Mass and being back for the run-through before the service, I thought what a huge difference between the first couple of Christmases after John's death and this one.

Still totally alone,  but no longer lonely and while grateful for all that being a member of St' Mary's church and choir has meant to me, nevertheless the chance to opt out of the bustle and excitement of Christmas and just fall into a chair, feet up and do nothing at all for as long as I chose was a very welcome change.

Yesterday (and I am ashamed to admit again today) I watched one of my favourite feel-good films, the glorious Nanny McPhee.

I also watched "Carols from Kings" and "Puss in Boots" followed later by "Emmerdale" and "Downton".

In addition, as if that were not sufficiently depraved, I watched "Coronation Street", which is sponsored by the great, wonderful, appealing , totally addictive Meercats.

I am not ashamed to admit that I love the Meercats, in particular dear lovely tender-hearted old Sergei and sweet little baby Oleg.

To my horror settling to watch the latest episode in their absorbing African Adventure I  was grieved to see a heart-breaking farewell between the newly confident Oleg and his adopted 'parents'. Mr Alexander and Sergei.

Sergei's tear filled eyes were not the only ones.

Is there any hope for me out there, or have I finally bade farewell to my last half wit.


  1. No, you haven't, Ray! I will freely admit to being a total softy where sentimental films and adverts are concerned and get very mushy when I watch them. Nanny McPhee is one of our favourites too.
    I'm glad you enjoyed your TV wallow and am looking forward to having one myself when I get home and can catch up on iPlayer with all the things I've missed.

  2. By the time I get back to work (Mon 5th) my brain will have turned to rice pudding, but guess what? I really don't care.
    There is a time to enjoy being intellectually challenged and this is not it.
    I watched University Challenge tonight and scored a measly 17.
    That is I answered 17 questions correctly I don't do the 10 points or fifteen points calculations.
    Just as well I quite like rice pudding :)

  3. Had I been at home I would have done the same thing! Thank you for all your kind words over the last year. Happy Newish Year Ray!

  4. A very happy new year to you too Jean. My "kind words" as you so graciously call them were inspired by your behaviour, your attitude and your courage in dealing with the tremendous blows you have been dealt.
    I hope and pray there will be no need for more in this coming year.
    We could all use a little cheer I think.
    As for my 'goggling' activities they continue apace.: )