Thursday, 29 August 2013

A Lovely Couple of Days

Yesterday a coachload  of us from St Mary's went to see the Induction of our lovely Fr Shane and Micaela into their positions in their new church in Surrey.

It was a really lovely service, great ceremony, great liturgy and great music (in which three of us from St M's choir took part).

We accepted the invitation to do so with alacrity since it was a chance to be 'part' of the service.

The downside, there's always one isn't there? was that by the time the coach arrived back in Aylesbury my left foot and ankle were more than twice their normal size.

I considered it worth a very little suffering in order to enjoy the happy welcoming atmosphere of the new parish.

There were a few familiar faces, one being our dear David Cloake and his wife Jo. with just a chance of a brief word.

My swollen hoof was in bed by 1.30 am and I was awake and got up by 5.20 am, so not a lot of sleep, but as another good day was in prospect baggy eyes were not important.

Today Chris our wonderful choir mistress and music director and I went up to London to be measured for new choir robes (our current ones are not the same colour as the rest of the choir) and the 'same as the rest of the choir ones are now on order - after a 2 year wait.

That done, we then went walking to see how we might fill in the next few hours and make  the most of a day in the Capital.

We found ourselves admiring the architecture of a nearby building which proved to be the 'Supreme Court' and was moreover, open to the public (free of cost) and with a cafe and loos within.

Some two hours later we emerged into the very hot sunshine having enjoyed every second in the beautiful building and decided to walk along the embankment for a while.

It is some 20 years since I last did that and I was amazed by how many things had changed.  New buildings, new monuments (the Battle of Britain one being particularly fine), and of course we watched the London Eye as it slowly turned with its cargo of tourists.

River boats were busy on the somewhat smelly waters and the Thames was more like Venice than London.

By now, we had both had about enough walking and headed back to the 'tube' then caught our train from Marylebone.

We both agreed that we had thoroughly enjoyed the day, and for me the two days were the nearest thing to a holiday I have had for about five years.

So the price, a foot like a tree trunk is a small price to pay, and anyway, I have been lying on the sofa with my feet up on cushions on the arm, so well above my head, and watching - yes - of course - the Jewellry channel.



  1. Delighted to 'hear' your joy, Ray, despite the pain... Thank you for sharing... Praise be!

  2. Glad you 'enjoyed' my enjoyment Graham.
    Praise be indeed.

  3. Sounds wonderful! I catch myself missing London at times so have enjoyed your account a lot! Now keep off that ankle!

    1. "Keep off the ankle"? Fat chance!
      It was a wonderful day in London. I worked in London for 28 years but never really enjoyed the 'tourist' type things.
      It is a marvellous city and if I were nearer I'd go more often and see all the new things.
      Have just returned from shopping and the 'hoof' is rather large so will park it in the air for a while.

  4. What a super trip, Ray, though a shame you had to pay for it with a bad foot. I sympathise as my feet swell badly in hot weather. Sigh....

  5. They were two lovely days and my mood is still unusually light despite the ugly left elephant foot.
    It was the coach trip that did it, since I never sit with my feet down and in one position for long under normal circumstances.
    A few days should see it right itself.

  6. 'twas awfully blinkin' good to see you too, missis!