Saturday, 13 July 2013

It Aint Alf Ot Mum

This is a glamorised picture of the way I look (and feel).

Not a lover of hot weather, today is almost unbearable.  Somewhere in the 30's I believe.

Having shopped very very early and got a taxi home, I have done virtually nothing since starting to vacuum upstairs this morning.

The cleaner is on the stairs where, if I don't fall over it and break my neck, it will remain until it is cool enough to continue.

The eczema is just beginning to respond to treatment (after six weeks) and the garden is burning to a crisp, (will water at about 9.00 pm), the dust in the house lies undisturbed by human activity, apart from being breathed in by accident.

All the windows are open (blinds down on the sunny side) and the pong from barbeques is beginning.

At present, I am not looking forward to tomorrow's Eucharist (robed and surpliced) with anything other than dread, despite the fact that our lately (2 years ago) departed curate is returning to preach on what is almost the last Sunday our dear rector will be still with us at St. M's.

Looking forward to seeing (and hearing) David, but already shrinking at the thought of the heat of the choir robes.

If a large puddle emerges from the choir stalls and runs out of the church under the door, I will have melted.!

More later.

Or possibly not.


  1. I'm sure it will be a treat to hear the inimitable Cloakey though!

  2. Worth roasting to death? We'll see Penny.

  3. I look forward to reading your "review."

  4. Ray, remember that it's possible to wear very little indeed under your robes as long as you get changed in the loo. :-) I hope the service goes well and it will indeed be lovely for you to have David there again.

    It's actually warmer with you than here in Normandy, where there's a lovely cool north-easterly breeze keeping everything tolerable.

  5. Sadly Perpetua, there is no room to change in the loo, so choir robing room it is.
    I am wearing as little as decency allows but even then, once the robes stock and surplice go on top it is like being in a Sauna for an hour and a half.
    Never mind, mission accomplished.
    Blog will follow.