Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Over Indulgence - Paying the price

3.30 am and I am once again vertical rather than the virtuous horizontal I should be.

Last night was our Annual Christmas  Meal for those of us (paid and volunteer) who by and large staff St. Mary's

We had a happy, noisy evening with a choice of 3 or 4 items on the menu.

Sadly, my common sense, seldom in the ascendancy deserted me completely and I ordered, whitebait starter, salmon fillet to follow and finished with a berry trifle.

It was fairly unexciting but quite pleasant fare for a non-meat-eater.  Unfortunately it was also very heavy in fat, and the result appalling heartburn!

Pointless to say that I should know better by now - I have after all been around for a while - and equally pointless to say that in isolation, each of the chosen foods would have been OK.  The combination of three high-fat dishes was lethal.

My eyes keep closing, I want to sleep, but I can't lie down, and not being a horse, can't sleep standing up.

Upright I am merely uncomfortable, horizontal the heartburn is scorching and I feel really sick.

Does anyone know at what age common-sense puts in an appearance?

Answers on a very large poster please.  (I can't see to read anything smaller).


  1. Sympathy from our household - I'm recovering from a sickness bug, DD has just gone down with it.

    Common sense? I've met sensible 10 year olds and daft 90 year olds. Common sense, even if one has it, waxes and wanes!

  2. Thanks for the sympathy Claire and the hope that common sense waxes as well as wanes.
    Mine has done an awful lot of waning.

  3. Oh rats, to my mind that's bad luck, not over-indulgence, Ray. It sounds like a modest feast to me, so I'm so sorry it hasn't agreed with you.

    As for common-sense, mine comes and goes, but never stays around all the time, so I've given up hoping for permanence....

  4. Modest for someone without a fat intolerance perhaps, but thanks I too am sorry it didn't agree with me.

    There is comfort in knowing I'm not the sole proud owner of 'elusive' common sense.

  5. you have my empathy, I suffered whist pregnant & almost mastered the art of sleeping propped up on many pillows. Not a nice end to an otherwise lovely celebration.
    Hope all is better now x

  6. Yes, thanks Shona, all back to what passes for normal in my beleaguered universe.
    Tried the multiple pillows but kept slipping down so prowled about for several hours.
    On a different subject, Michaela was saying that you and she had made the red "pax" and "glory" banners which are once more decorating the church this Christmas. They look wonderful again.