Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Aylesbury is a town celebrating.

First, we had the jubilee, with all the street parties, towncentre entertainments, concerts  and flags and bunting everywhere.
OK it rained some of the time, (well, most of the time), but it didn't dampen peoples' spirits.

Then we had the Roald Dahl festival.  Yes it poured, torrents in fact, but what the heck, we all enjoyed ourselves to  some degree.

Then on Monday we had the Olympic Torch through the centre of the town, more bunting, different flags, more excited kids, and yes,more rain.

Today I've been putting away the first lot of bunting at St. M's, and  nice and dusty it was too.

We now have the Olympic rings on all the flags in the church, along with tiny flags of all nations, so that when the games start we can be seen to be supporting our national sportsmen and women.

If we win the odd gold, silver or bronze (and of course we will), that will be the cause for more celebration.

It will of course, be accompanied by this seasons special offer, more rain.

Like every other person in this town - and probably in the country - I am tired of getting wet, sick of the dark grey skies, fed up of hearing thunder and seeing lightning but that doesn't mean there is  no cause for celebration, after all, though we have had no spring and are having no summer, we may, just may, have a decent autumn.

Roll on Christmas and perhaps we can find something to celebrate.


  1. With weather like this, we have to find any excuse for a bit of lightheartedness, Ray. Carry on celebrating....:-)

  2. love this Ray - I was only talking with someone yesterday about looking forward to Christmas!

  3. Perpetua, that is of course, if we have not been washed away.

    Jane, it is 2.15 pm and so far it hasn't rained today.
    Does that call for a celebration I wonder?