Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Get off my line

The genteel image on the left has nothing whatever to do with my current state of mind, temper, attitude.

I am being bombarded with calls from a company which calls itself UK Today.

The opening gambit goes "Hello, is this Mrs Barn ez?" When I growl Barnes, they say, "How are you today"?  I reply "what do you want, what are you selling?" and "Who are you?"

Reply "We just would like to ask you a few questions it will only take  a few minutes"

When I repeat "who are you"? they reply I am calling from UK Today."  When I ask who is UK Today, where are you based"" they hang up.

This has been going on for several days, always  at the same time - around 2.30pm and then again at around 6.00 pm.

A few weeks ago I passed on some advice to a blogger who was complaining of a similar caller, this was, to answer politely then when they begin their spiel simply put down the phone on a flat surface and walk away.

So far, I haven't taken my own advice, but tomorrow I will.

And yes, before anyone asks, I have signed up to  the preference service - it doesn't work!


  1. Telemarketers are on the top of my hate list. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

  2. I know what you mean Lorrene.

    I have no hate list but am seriously thinking of starting one!

  3. We run into similar hassles here in the U.S. The trouble with our telemarketers is that 99% of them are from India and speak very poor English, making it doubly difficult to find out what they're all about. Most are from pharmaceutical companies selling stuff you & I have never heard of before :)

    My husband tells them when they ask for Mr. or Mrs. Fleanayganan (our last name is Flanagan) that they're dead. They usually hang up on us :)

  4. I do sympathise with this one. Our phone tells us when its an international call. If I answer it goes dead almost husband has more patience but less sense and he tries to be polite......last week he was called a racist! His repeated words that he didn't understand them was more to do with being deaf!
    Blow a whistle down the line. They don't like that!

  5. Hi Kathleen,

    Sorry to hear you have the same problem 'Stateside' but am not all that surprised. It is a much smaller world than it was.
    Not too sure about telling them that Mrs Barn -ez is dead, might just be tempting Providence.!

  6. "My husband has more patience but less sense".
    Actually you are absolutely right, we are far too polite for our own good.
    I don't own a whistle and never could do the two fingers in mouth whistle, but I will do as I said, and next time I will put the phone down and let them talk till their breath runs out.

  7. We have similar problems here, though not the same firm. Our surname isn't particularly easy to pronounce at the best of times so that's always a dead give away! And yes, we're registered with the preference service, too.

  8. Hmmmm! Nice understatement Judy.

  9. Hi Greenpatches.
    It really doesn't make it any better to know that the problem appears to be global.
    This morning at 9.35am my phone rang, I answered "Hello", silence, "hello" again rather sharper toned and they hung up.!
    Now what do I think? Was it just a mistake on someone's part, was it 'them' again, or nasty thought, have I got a stalker?
    Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get me.

  10. For anyone who may read this at a later date, I have just done what I said I would do.
    After hearing the usual "Is this Mrs Barn ez"? I carefully laid the phone down on the hall table and went and cleaned the sink.
    When I got back to it, the line appeared to be still open but there was no-one there.
    The first set to me I think.