Saturday, 28 July 2012


To those of a squeamish or sensitive nature I apologise.

This pretty picture is my right foot 4 days after I stubbed it entering the shower.

Yes, I know the threshhold was put there for a reason, and no, I wasn't drunk.  It is just the latest in a life-long war with things inanimate.

After a few genteel utterances along the lines of "Oh dear, I appear to have damaged my foot", or something similar, I slathered it in tea-tree cream wrapped it in an old cotton handkerchief and put a 'breathable' plaster around it to protect it from further damage.

After a morning in the parish office, followed by a sizeable shop I got a taxi home and as soon as I was able gave it 'the treatment'.  This is Ray Barnes parlance for soaking about 4 sheets of thick kitchen paper in ice-cold water, squeezing a little of the excess out and wrapping the injured hoof around with a cold compress, foot up on a footstool for an hour or more.

I know it sounds primitive, but it works.

This foot (the right one), has endured a torn achilles tendon, three badly sprained ankles, has been broken twice and is constantly under threat from the chronic carelessness of Mrs fairyfoot.

Some people are said to be accident prone, I am an accident magnet.

When I'm tired I have a tendency to miss the doorway and hit the doorpost, my shoulders are living testament to that fact.  I also misjudge distances and drop things and smash things instead of reaching the surface intended.

If this sounds a bit 'Calamity Kate', it is sadly, only too true.

In a long ago post I wrote (affectionately) of my late father's propensity for accidents, his general clumsiness and the brute force with which he tackled the most delicate of tasks.  It would seem something must have rubbed off on me.

This being the third accident in the space of about three weeks, I am hoping things will now settle down and my personal gremlin will have a nice long holiday.

P.S.   Don't click to enlarge the photo.


  1. 'Accident magnet', what a great phrase. Oh dear, I click on the photo...

  2. Well, I did warn you TS. Not a pretty sight.

  3. Ouch, ouch! Hope it soon clears up!

  4. Ouchy ouchy ouchy Ray, take care of yourself - maybe purchase large rolls of cotton wool?

  5. Sue and Jane. Thanks for the sympathy. Slightly less ouch now. Have cotton wool and thank heaven, a good footstool.

  6. More ouches! That looks really sore, Ray and as one accident-prone person to another, I really sympathise. I managed to break the same bone in my left foot in two different falls within 3 years!

  7. Thank goodness you didn't fall in and onto your head. It does look sore - keep resting and hope it is better soon.

  8. It actually looks far worse than it is Perpetua. Apart from the fact that I will probably lose one of my nails (yet again) the swelling is already down and the bruising beginning to fade.

  9. Actually Freda had it been my head the damage would probably have been minimal. Pure bone!
    Thanks for the good wishes.

  10. I am so sorry but pleased to read that you are on the mend :))

  11. Thanks Judy. There is just a bit of soreness at the base of two toes and a sore nail-bed, otherwise I'm back to my version of normal.

  12. Oh my goodness. It hurts just to look at your wound. But I must say, I'd give anything to have heard the "genteel utterances". Something tells me I'd be undone with laughter.

    I have found that my balance isn't all that nifty over 50 (over 60 either). My most recent wound was the burn
    mark on my temple from the curling iron that somehow jumped out of my hand.

    Hope you're mending, but I must say I enjoyed the story and your telling of it.

  13. Thankyou Kathleen. The foot is pretty much OK now, though rather an odd colour. My language however, is quite another matter.
    I very seldom let fly verbally (and never these days in public), but my vocabulary is ,,,,,,, extensive!

  14. I am hoping that its improved a lot since it happened......I too can swear like a trooper when the need arises.....Davids Eyebrows shot into his hair the first time he heard it!

  15. "I am hoping that it's improved a lot since it happened",
    Would that be my foot or my language Jean?
    Sometimes my vocabulary even surprises me!
    John never heard me, he would not have approved, but I did just once give it both barrels in the office, and scandalised two 'innocent' teenagers.
    The foot, in case that was what you meant, is quite OK now thankyou.

  16. I'm late to the commenting, Ray, but I hope your poor foot is better now. I'm rather a klutz myself, so I can relate. I still think you need a feline companion to nurse you when you get such a boo-boo.

  17. Perhaps you're right Penny. Just one more creature to fall over or tread on. Yes, I like the idea.
    Seriously, I am thinking about talking to the Cats' Protection locally to see who is on their books.