Saturday, 14 July 2012

Inconsequential Witterings

Yup, it's that picture again.  Should tell you what awaits you.

It is just ten minutes since I sank a large (about 3 shots) whisky and ginger.  By the way that is Rochester ginger, not a pale watery synthetic jobby.

Reason?  Well, no reason really except that I felt like it.

Today, until a minute ago has been dry.  Yes I am talking about the weather not me.

I have spent a lot of time sorting, sifting, and throwing out the accumulated junk (paper) of a life-time, (John's, not mine).

I thought I had sorted it all months ago, but no, under the boxes on the shelves in the office I found tons, and I do mean tons, of old, totally irrelevant paper, photos, guarantees for goods that no longer exist, at least, not in this house, and a few choke-making reminders of better days.

When this became unbearable, I made a few sorties into the ant infested garden, and cut some 'stuff' back.
After which I returned to the fray.

Covered in the dust of years, tired hot and a tad emotional, I sought a break from all of the above, settled in front of the tv and, not very hopefully, looked for entertainment.  Some hope!

Reverting to my default programme the jewellery one, I put up with the semi-literate outpourings of  the presenter  "joolery, illuminous"?etc and in despair, poured a large whisky and ginger and thought, what next?

A few drops of rain are bathing the ants and encouraging the snail army so no more gardening, the office now looks almost as it should, and I've run out of steam.  Just thought I'd share a day in the life of.......with my long-suffering readers.

Bless you all.


  1. The remnants of the past sometimes does lie in dusty places and there is something Freudian about that. Keep going.

  2. I think you more than earned that whisky, Ray. Going through the paperwork of someone's life, especially someone much loved, is hard and takes some doing. Shame you couldn't find something more worthwhile than a jewellry programme to enjoy your drink with.

  3. Hmmm! I wonder what Freud would have made of the combination of Jewellery and whisky?

    Not a match made in heaven I fear.

  4. I don't know Perpetua. Jewellery is a bit of a fixation of mine so perhaps if I turn the sound off it might prove therapeutic.

    At least this evening there was Casualty and what was left of Lewis (4th time around) to follow.

    I did enjoy the whisky too!

  5. I much prefer the memories that bring on fits of laughter. Yet I know how important it is to let those heart-felt & difficult feelings surface at times. Your choice of whisky did make me smile. It's probably a whole lot better for you than my choice of comfort: ice cream doused with lots of chocolate.

  6. Yes....well, not too sure that whisky is 'good' for me, but it is a spirit (no pun intended) lifter.
    Luckily for me I have no taste for icecream and am trying to reduce my chocolate intake.
    My laughter memories are few and far between, and not often triggered, but yes, they are such a blessing when they do put in an appearance.

  7. ((((((((((((((Ray))))))))))))))) much love to you x.

  8. Glad I'm in such good company. I too downed a whiskey and ginger last night after looking at the TV programs. Cheers!

  9. Good company indeed Jean. Perhaps it's as well we are geographically so distant. Just think if we shared the same church they might need a 'reprobate's corner'
    Cheers. X

  10. Or what would Freud have thought of the fact that whisky makes a good cleaner for jewellery. Don't worry - I wouldn't waste it!

  11. So glad to hear it Freda. That really would be a sin!