Saturday, 7 July 2012

Happiness is....

Having spent four and a half hours today (10.30 till 3.oopm) at St M's in charge of a lucky dip tub as part of the annual Roald Dahl festival in Aylesbury, I was glad to be home at 3.30.

It was,  despite absolutely appalling weather, a noisy happy very well attended event, though I doubt it brought in much revenue.

The kids (toddlers to 90 year olds) all did their bit, the floats were, as always magnificent, if damp.  The music varied and well performed.

The bits of it we saw (start of the procession end of the procession) were well worth the effort of turning out on a really foul day.

The kitchen and refectory were run off their feet, and even the (under canvas) BBQ had plenty of customers, and the stalls within St.M's did fairly brisk business.

Nevertheless, from my point of view, three o'clock was a long time coming.

Cold wet and hungry, I fed my face, changed my garb and relaxed in front of the box, not expecting much (it being Saturday).

What did I get?   Pure bliss.

I know you will be shaking your intellectual heads sadly and muttering "poor old bat, she really is losing it", but, I watched "Garfield, a tail of two kitties" followed by England/Australia one-day cricket highlights.
Preceded by an interview with my favourite cricketer, Paul Collingwood,  We, that is, England wiped the floor with the opposition.  The ninth one-day victory in a run.

It just doesn't get any better.

Oh yes it does.

Next I shall watch Casualty and after that what is left of Henry 1V part 1.  With, wait for it, Jeremy Irons!

It is entirely possible I may never recover.


  1. hahaha glad you are so happy :))

  2. sounds marvelous! I love happy endings to days that went well!

  3. Yes Judy, it was a lovely day. One more for the record book.

  4. They really don't happen that often Theanne, well, not in my experience, so worth noting.

  5. A day to remember, Ray. :-)

  6. Yes indeed, if only for its rarity!