Saturday, 24 April 2021

Freedom is in view at last

 Yesterday I had my 2nd jab of the Pfizer vaccine and at last the gates into the world outside are opening. 

Getting into a taxi there and back felt very strange after all  this time but the sense of things beginning to be possible again is real and positive.

Since March 18th 2020 I haven't set foot in the town or on public transport so the anticipation of doing so in the next few days or weeks seems like a dream.

Early in the pandemic I couldn't wait for life to return to  normal but now it feels very adventurous even to consider a first tentative foot in that direction.

I hope this doesn't mean I've lost my nerve for all time and become a timid old lady, but the next couple of weeks will prove it, one way or the other.

It is lovely to feel a sense of hope and that there is something to look forward to again it's just a question of gathering up my nerve and making the first move. 

At present I feel very lucky not to have had a close encounter with the virus and to be among those who have been vaccinated against it. 

My thoughts and prayers are with all those around the world who have not been so fortunate.

Thursday, 25 February 2021

How Bizarre

One of the more interesting affects of the year-long isolation since Covid struck has, for me, been the change in my deaming habits.

A life-long insomniac used to sleeping in short snatches, often filled with quite odd dreams, this last year has made an unexpected impact on my sleeping patterns.

On several occasions recently I have half-woken and found myself laughing hysterically at something I found so funny that I would get up and still only half awake write down what I had heard. 

In the morning fully awake there would be a scribbled half joke which didn't even raise a smile.

A few days ago I once again woke up but this time I remembered the entire joke/funny story complete with all the punctuation. 

I got up and wrote it out in full, exactly as it was heard, or dictated or read to me.

The next  morning I got up full of anticipation and this is what I read

Customs officer to old lady immigrant

"Are you carrying any firearms madam?"

Old lady "Yes of course I am"

Customs offical

What weapons are you carrying?"

Old lady "10 Kalashnikovs and a water pistol"

Customs offical

What is the water pistol for?"

Old lady "To drown anyone who tries to steal my Kalashnikovs"

As jokes go, I think it could be described as 'alternative', but I still find it funny and wonder just where it came from.

I await the next one with interest.

Thursday, 21 January 2021

Farewell (we hope) to the orange one

 As we welcome a new regime across the pond many of us will be heartened by the early signs from the Whie House.

Today's images of a busy and determined Joe Biden swiftly undoing with a signature many of his predecessor's worst decisions, it is natural, though perhaps unwise to imagine that all is set to change. 

From what I have read over recent months of Biden's history there can be little doubt of his integrity, however, the opposition he will face will be formidable and it is unlikely that swords will be laid down without further bloodshed.

Trump's supporters are  not in general among the more rational of the USA's population, nor are they likely to respond to appeal to reasoned argument.

This, in addition to the terrible damage wreaked by Covid and the deeply divided opinions everywhere other than the North East means democracy is going to have a fight on its hands such as never seen before.

The rest of the world will no doubt be holding its breath as the next month or two unfolds.

Good luck Joe and may God go with you.

Thursday, 31 December 2020

2 0 2 1

 To anyone who may happen on this blog I wish you a 2021 filled with all the best of what was missing in 2020.

A year of fear anxiety grief and loneliness for so many and with  none of the feel-good factors which normally make our days worth while.

This week I have lost a sister-in-law, my late husband's one remaining sibling, and yesterday a well-loved friend from church.  The list goes on growing.

The one sure thing is that looking forward really is the only way to face a New year, looking back on this one will give no-one pleasure.

So what have we?

We have hope and that springs eternal, or so we are told.

We have the vaccine, or vaccines (at last).

We, the lucky ones still have the chance to avoid the virus and prayer to sustain us,

Not too shabby.

A blessed New year to one and all.

Thursday, 24 December 2020

A very different Christmas Eve

 There  is no suitable illustration for this year's Christmas Eve so plain and unadorned it is. 

My increasingly long gaps between posts are a reflection of this rather awful year.  

In the heyday of blogging when life was full of interest and possibilities it was easy to sit and rattle off a few paragraphs full of nothing very much, but happy in tone. 

To be brutally honest I have found it very diffilcult to pretend that all was well and still there was something to enjoy every day.  

This year has been a beast of a very different nature for nearly everyone, old or young.  Surrounded by family or alone.

It has always been my contention that being alone was not the same as being lonely.  This year has proved me wrong.

Someone who dropped by (on my drive while I stood in the doorway), said "I would love to give you a hug", to which my response was, "hopefullyy soon".

As I said it I realised that the last time anyone actually touched me was in mid February during the exchange of "the peace" at St Mary's.

The neighbours who take me food shopping once a week tell me they are amazed by my upbeat attitude, and that they think I am doing very well. 

All I can say is that I must be a better actress than I thought.

Despite being in tier 4 and with litttle prospect of anything better for quite some time there is at least the promise of the vaccine, which at my advanced age should be coming my way fairly soon, so all is not quite so dark as it was. 

Every Sunday I "attend" the 10 am service on youtube and enjoy (and envy) the virtual choir and later on this evening I will be at Midnight Mass, so to speak. 

Without the choir (even if not physically present), and the Christmas services this year would be a pretty miserable one, but I have good friends and neighbours, a warm comfortable house and plenty to eat and drink. 

So many people world-wide have none of these things which gives me a kick right where i most need it.

At Midnight Mass tonight I will pray for them, for all of us, and yes, for myself too,

May we, you all have a happy Christmas and a very much healthier and happier New Year.

I won't quote Tiny Tim but you know what I mean.

Monday, 14 December 2020

Another Giant Bites the Dust

 This morning switching on the 7 am Radio 4 News as i do every day I was stunned to hear that John Le Carre has died.

My favourite author for more than 30 years I somehow expected at the very least, immortality,

When my husband was still alive one of my Christmas presents would always be the latest Le carre, and the present I would treasure most.

Not always an easy read, full of intrigue, treachery betrayal and the worst behaviours of which human-kind is capable, he nevetheless imbued all of his characters with such recognizeable traits common to all of us that we could easily identify with their humanity.

Through even the most convoluted plots there always ran a strong vein of integrity so one felt that this was the real world of the spy. 

Apparently a rather private man who didn't really like too much public attention, he seems to have had a dislike for all the fuss and flag-waving. chest-thumping sort of "patriotism" which accompanied the launch of his "Tinker Tailor" books.

It seems hard to imagine that there will be no more such treasures to look forward to.

May he rest in peace.

Saturday, 28 November 2020

If you can't beat them laugh at them


Since sleep is once more evading my grasp it seemed a good time to have yet another moan about the plague of scammers trying to rob us of our hard-earned cash. 

For the last 2 or 3 weeks I have been beset with daily and sometimes twice-daily calls from BT and Amazon.

Both sets of fake callers have a  similar technique, beginning with "your BT Broadband will be discontinued from 9.00am to,morrow, Or, Your Amazon account will withdraw the amount of £79 from your account tomorrow".

They then say if I wish to prevent this happening I should press 1 ....

Needless to say they are both automated calls so no reply is possible, so what I now do is say (to no-0ne) "Good luck with that" and then leave the phone off the base and walk away.

I know this will only result in their losing a very small amount of money but it gives me a small malicious gleam of satisfaction.

You would think they would be bright enough to work out that if they get nowhere after the first twenty or thirty calls they are never going to do so, but apparently they can afford to go on phoning endlessly, leaving me with the hope that I can at least outlive them!