Wednesday, 25 July 2012


As though it were not difficult enough to sleep on this hideously hot night, we have, just to add to the problems, a police helicopter circling the roof.

It has been doing so for the past 10 minutes, so I imagine some individual is attempting to escape capture.

This is not a happy thought when the entire county has its windows wide open just in case there may be a wisp of breeze somewhere.  (Some hope)!

Not a lover of hot weather at the best of times, I detest the soaking sticky hot nights which inevitably accompany high temperatures in July.

Leaving windows  wide is an invitation to every flying, scurrying, creepy crawly in the world to try its luck at a nocturnal house-move.

My bedroom windows have already played host to the National Collection of whining, and probably stinging insects.  I have evicted a spider, and am currently debating the means of doing the same to a rather sinister looking winged thing with a long body.  Don't ask, I don't know.

I've turned my pillows over, moved to the other side of the bed, finally settled after an hour, into an uneasy snooze and now this!

It is still over the nearby rail line so I imagine they have someone in their sights, but why oh why can't the criminal fraternity be overcome by the heat like the rest of us?

I just hope the marauder is not in my garden.  Still, if he is, he'll get caught up in the jungle-like undergrowth then perhaps we can all get some sleep.


  1. Sounds dire. I do hope that you managed to get some shut-eye eventually!
    Last night I was actually outside IN the garden, 'airing' my tent, prior to Greenbelt Festival in August. I'm afraid I wimped out in the end; no circling helipcopters, thank goodness, but it was so hot, and every little rustle in the undergrowth set my heart a pounding that I eventually called time about 2 pm.

  2. Hi Greenpatches. Yes I did get some sleep (about 2 hours), but was so tired when I got up that I forgot to pick my feet up getting into the shower and smashed my right foot into the 'threshold strip'.
    Have hobbled on my heavily padded foot all day and when I got home this afternoon and took off the dressing, have two black toes with broken skin.
    Who says we need less sleep as we get older?

  3. Ouch! Really does sound as if you've been in the wars...nearly typed 'wards.' Are you sure that doesn't merit another trip to the Drs? Do hope that you get some extra shuteye now to compensate.

    Yes, I'm not sure about that less sleep as you get older business. If my daughter's anything to go by - that's completely the wrong way round; only the young and energetic can get by with less than 8 hours a night. (In her case an awful lot less!).

    (typo - meant to say '2 am' in my last comment)

  4. Have photographed the hideous offending foot and might just decide to blog it. For those with strong nerves only!

  5. I too hate very hot weather, like we had last week. It's a pity we can't have the sunshine without the sticky heat and sleepless nights. A circling helicopter must have been the last straw!

  6. It was the last straw Perpetua, until the following morning.
    Tiredness is a recipe for disaster and I am an avid follower of recipes!

  7. We've been sleeping with our windows open here, too. I must say, it's earily quiet at night unless - that is - a merciless munching mosquito makes its way indoors. In the stillness of night, they sound a lot like that helicopter, though they're much harder to see or get rid of.

  8. At least mosquitoes don't have engines Kathleen. or at least not in the UK.