Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Quite a Day

Today started with my actually being in time for morning prayers for once.  This was courtesy of a lift from the man who is starting my decorating today.

I was particularly glad to be in time for this morning's prayers as our time with our lovely curate is rapidly running out.

His has been the major influence in my becoming a Christian, and in becoming even slightly proficient as a blogger.

After a morning filling in for people in various capacities who were absent for a variety of reasons, I enjoyed mid-day Communion, again with Father David as celebrant, after which he shot off at speed to take a funeral, I got the bus and returned home to discover that my friendly neighbour and painter was well into the preparation.

About an hour and a half later I had a promised visit from David Cloake in technopriest mode this time.
He has once again updated my access to my blog and i am rapidly running out of excuses for turning out inferior work.

It is quite amazing just how much time and effort this one man has put into everything he has done in this parish.  With only just over a week before we reluctantly let him go, many of us are already wondering how on earth to fill the gap he will leave.

We are fortunate in that we have a rector and other clergy in the benfice who are well liked and respected,
but the loss of our air-borne, all-singing, all-dancing curate will leave a large empty space in the lives of many indeed, i would say most at St. Mary's.

While we all rejoice in the fact that he and his family are soon to be settled in what sounds like a very nice place, we will all regret their departure from Aylesbury.

Just a heartfelt mini tribute to someone to whom I owe an immense amount.

Blessings to you, Jo and the girls Cloakey.


  1. I hope he keeps on blogging too, as I like his blog better than most by the clergy as he shares himself and is not afraid to be REAL. He is so funny sometimes too. Anyway none of us would have found you except through his blogroll so I thank him too for that.

  2. I too hope nothing will stop him blogging. He is a breath of fresh air yet still manages to get his message across.
    As to being the means by which you accessed me, even David can make the occasional mistake.
    Blessings Margaret.

  3. Wow! He sounds like an amazing curate!

  4. Maybe it is your tales of your amazing curate that prompted me to write about Ministers and ministry today!

  5. I'd like to think i could influence anyone by means of the blog, but i rather doubt it Freda.