Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Just another quiet day at St. M's

This is just a small experiment.  The very poor picture on the left is one of the first I took with my (new, to me) digital camera.

It is a part of the lovely West window at St.Mary's.  Difficult to get at and for a new photographer even more so.

On the same day, I tried for a close-up of one of the scenes depicted on the left, with only marginally more success.

What I want to do, is to try to add it to this blog.  Here goes.

No, No good.  It will not let me upload the one I want, I know it's there in the picture collection, but for some reason I can't access it.  Oh well, another time.

This morning cleaning the brass, it being weary Wednesday, I was approached by a couple who wanted to know why our handy leaflet about the main features in the church, said that the above mentioned window was mediaeval, when clearly it is Victorian.

I had great difficulty convincing them that the leaflet refers to the stone setting only, and the glass is indeed Victorian (and extremely beautiful).  Finally, they accepted that it was not a misrepresentation of the facts, and thanked me for the information.

Sometimes i answer visitors' questions with my fingers crossed, but on this occasion I was not guessing!


  1. The window in question is a prize winner from The Great Exhibition 1851 - just so you know!

  2. Bless you clever clogs. Trust you to go one better.
    Or should I say, thankyou for the information sir.