Saturday, 13 August 2011

Making Use Of People (In a nice way)

Whew!  Took some persuading to move onto my blog but here it is, one not very good picture of the least good roses from my decapitated shrub.

Thanks to a lovely neighbour who was kind enough to take pity on my ever-present techophobe status, I now know how to down-load pictures (using a lead) direct from my camera.

This is a different technique from that shown me by the Vernacular Curate, which necessitated taking the memory card out of the camera.

This way, the card stays in place and the process needs even less hands-on skill.

The endless patience and kindness of people with busy lives never ceases to amaze me, and I am once again
the beneficiary of someone's generosity.

I had feared that David's departure would mean I'd be stuck in a semi-semi-skilled mode for the rest of my blogging life.  Not so, there seems to be a vast storehouse of both knowledge and goodwill available for the asking.

The roses we put on John's headstone were really lovely, so hopefully they will look good for a while.

Just had to share the latest bit of success with someone!


  1. What lovely, full blossoms, Ray! My roses are small and get crispy pretty quickly this time of year. Yours are gorgeous. I'm sure they are beautiful at the cemetery.

  2. Yes I agree -they look lovely -and all the better as they were grown by you and placed for your husband . The bush should come back with renewed strength.
    David certainly got you up and running on the Blogging Front, and that was the hardest part. You just have to ask for help now with the minutiae. I look forward to more photos .X M

  3. They look lovely Ray well done.

  4. Thanks Penny.
    Silver Anniversary is a good rose and grows to immense tea-pot size in a good season, but for me it has two major faults. It has no perfume and it falls to pieces very quickly.
    The ones I photographed are about a day from throwing out.

  5. Margaret you are right about the rose coming back even stronger. It is in any case, a very good grower, even if the weight of the blooms causes it to droop.
    You are also right about David's influence on my blogging. I'll never be able to thank him enough.
    Hopefully every time I hit a snag I'll find someone to help.

  6. Thanks Jean.
    If I'm able to improve my photography as well as my blog skills, I'll be supremely happy.

  7. It is a beautiful photo; I'm so pleased you are getting help to build on the skills you have already learned. You are doing incredibly well.

  8. Bless you Freda, thankyou for your constant encouragement.
    Sadly, I still seem to need a lot of morale boosting. Hopefully, one day soon I'll find my own feet again, and stop standing on other peoples'.

  9. I have been thinking about your words about loading pics straight from the camera. I always take the card out and upload them that way. Thought Id have a go your new way. It took me a while to try all the leads out and get them to fit the right holes but YES ive done it. Much easier and I dont have to put the date in on the camera all over again. Thanks Ray -you r a computer teacher now!

  10. God bless you Margaret.

    I never thought I'd live to hear such a comment.

    Well done. It is much simpler isn't it?

  11. Beautiful roses and a moving post. Keep going. You are doing well. x

  12. Thankyou Jane

    Don't have much enthusiasm at present, but it will no doubt return.

  13. Wow. YOu are one step ahead of me again. I still don't know how to download pictures from my camera! Lovely hibiscus!

  14. Hi Anita, don't know how you managed it, but your comment about the hibiscus has landed on the rose-picture site.
    The same thing happened to one of my comments last year on one of David Cloake's blogs.
    I think he thought I was barmy. Nothing new there then, but it really wasn't my fault.
    Yes the blue hibiscus is lovely, and tough as old boots!