Thursday, 11 August 2011

Everything Happens for a Reason

I'm afraid I was unable to download my latest pictures from my camera this morning so no picture, sorry!

It is the 2nd Anniversary of my husband's death today and after lunch-time Communion, where he will get a special mention, one of my lovely neighbours is taking me to the cemetery where his ashes are interred.

The arrangement was that I would buy flowers after the service and meet my friend in the town square.

Overnight, in the gale-force winds we have been experiencing for a few days, my huge white "Silver Anniversary" rose bush has had one of its main branches snapped and about half the bush was lying on the ground.

I took secateurs and cut in the region of 60 or more roses, the very overblown, the partially open and also many buds. 

I now have a vase (which I photographed but couldn't download) of large squashy white blooms, a smaller bunch of better quality ones which i gave to my neighbour and the very best newly opened ones with dozens of buds to come, for John's headstone.

Why last night, when we have had winds for a week.

Why "Silver Anniversary" when all the other roses are intact?

Who knows.  God really does move in mysterious ways.


  1. Don't be too sad, Ray!
    Your rose sounds magnificent, BTW

  2. Anniversaries like this one are hard. I will be thinking of you today (of course your day is well underway by now). And I hope we'll get to see the photo of your roses - fortunately, as you know, the shrub will recover and who knows what it will look like in a year. Blessings and peace to you today.

  3. Thanks Anita
    Sadness comes and goes but I try.
    The rose is a lovely one and a very prolific bloomer.

  4. Hi Penny
    Thanks for the kind thoughts and yes, as soon as I can master it, I will show the photos.
    Sadly, without David's help this time.

  5. Ill winds, and all that.

    Mysterious Ways and all that.

    Enjoy your best memories today and send ol' Vern an email tomorrow (surely his computer won't be in bits for more than a day - then there's the iPad!)

  6. Doorkeeper

    I'm shocked. How could you suggest I disturb his Royal Vernacularness when he has one or two other little things on his mind.
    You know, just unimportant things, like moving house etc.
    Fear not I shall appear, like the proverbial cloud on his horizon, quite soon enough!

  7. I am so sorry Ray...I do know how it feels but thats no consolation. My thoughts are with you...he'd be very proud of the way you conduct yourself now I am sure.

  8. Not too sure about that Jean, but thankyou for the kind thoughts. Much appreciated.

  9. Your lovely rose blowing down, like the devastation of the death of your loved one....... and now you can share those feelings and the beautiful blooms by visiting his grave. You are so brave. Every Blessing