Friday, 3 June 2011

Let's see if I've got it.......

Amazing.  Well it may not look very amazing to anyone else but in my intellectually inhibited world this is progress.

The wonderfull David Cloake, otherwise known as Superman has spent some time drilling the concept of adding images to one's blog with me, otherwise known as Padwan or Dumbo.

Now I know at least the most basic techniques, next when I can use a camera and download my own photos I will really have cracked it.

Blogs are definitely more appealing with pictures it's just a question of time before I can add all the other million or so techniques to my meagre talents.

Just a word of warning.  Don't hold your breath!


  1. Beautiful! Congratulations, Ray!

  2. Excellent, my Padwan Learner. The Force is Strong. Feel the Force.

    Really glad you cracked it, Ray! Congrats as much for conquering the apprehensions!

  3. Brilliant, Ray! It took me some time to master the technique too, but it was worth persevering, as it really does make a difference to the appeal of your posts.

  4. Thanks all
    Will try to improve on my first tentative steps.
    Watch this space (but not indefinitely).

  5. Hey, that's great. Wow!
    You are one stop ahead of me. I can take them, but still need to have Roy download them off my camera for me. Will learn to do so tonight.