Friday, 24 June 2011

Busy Busy

After the events of Tuesday - see previous post - I have been taking things fairly quietly, or at least that was the intention.

This morning, for once timing my arrival at St M's to coincide with Morning Prayer I scuttled into the Lady Chapel expecting to have to apologise.  It was empty.  Only one other person was around so I settled down to await the start which in the event turned out to be led by our lovely Lay Priest.

As we were only four altogether I was asked to read one of the lessons.  Not something I've done more than twice before so a bit disconcerting, lots of unpronouncable names etc.  However all went reasonably well and after the service I waltzed off to get my brasso and cloths for the weekly finger-print removal.

My ribs were still hurting from Tuesdays gastric erruptions so progress was slow and there were several interruptions.  Two people wanting to collect their Banns certificates, duly dealt with, someone wanting some information about the history of the church architecture, glass etc.  Duly dealt with also, then, what really put me to the test, someone wanting me to pray with them for a sick relative.

This for me was  a first.  There was no way I could or would refuse but I felt very insecure and didn't really have any idea how to begin.  Somehow as soon as we sat down the words just came and a feeling of ease came out of nowhere,  I don't have any idea what I said, but it appeared to have been what was required and i was thanked with real gratitude (for what I have no idea) and the young lady departed.

I went back to cleaning the brass feeling tired but quite elated at what for most people would i suppose, have been a very run-of-the-mill morning.  For me it was a rewarding experience and despite a fairly hard choir rehearsal to follow this evening, this was a good day.


  1. The Holy Spirit at work. Lovely.

  2. Penny and Jenni,
    Thankyou for your comments. It was quite a nice feeling I must say.

    Thankyou for correcting my erroneous Lay/Priest description of Anne, who is actually ????????

  3. Ah, lots of new Christian experiences in a morning!

  4. Yes good days actually do still happen occasionaly. I am starting to realise there may be more to come.
    Hope so anyway Anita.