Thursday, 3 March 2011

Masochism Martyrdom Miscalculation

What, you may well ask, is her problem now? 

Answer, any or all of the above.

I've just spent an acutely uncomfortable 40 minutes (all I could stand) in the back garden, loppers in hand, pruning (euphemism for hacking) 3 of my six buddleias.  So what?  you ask, you should have done it a couple of weeks ago.  Well, I did make a start on the one good day so far this year but as it has poured ever since, it seemed too good a chance to miss when the sun shone brilliantly this morning.

Ha!  Sun!  What is it about this chilly neck of the woods that sends the tentatively peeping sunshine scuttling for cover whenever I sally forth?  The buddleias are all different varieties - and colours - and are really worth the effort but, this is a small garden and they grow at such a rate of knots that failure to cut them back by at least two thirds of their height early in the year, results in oak-sized shrubs by summer.
In addition I suffer from tree-pollen allergy and eczema and leaving it any later in the year would produce really nasty reactions, so, no alternative.

By the time I had cut 3 of the brutes down, and chopped up and bagged for recycling, the strong North Easterly had bitten into my soul (to say nothing of my extremities) and I fled the scene back aching, fingers sore eyes streaming and smug, oh so smug.

Are there any other candidates for martyrdom (or sectioning) out there, or am I alone in the universe?


  1. oh I've done nothing as exciting as you today but does coming home on the bus when the school have just turned out count for something - martyrdom maybe? Hope you've warmed up now? Judyx

  2. I'm about to go outside and move around a bunch of rocks.

  3. Hey, that's great, Ray. I used to love gardening, but haven't been out at all to garden this year. Roy has started pruning. I keep meaning to, but my laptop proves more compelling. MUST breaking this addiction soon, and get out and garden.

  4. Judy Two days and one long, difficult choir practice later, I'm much warmer (and even more tired)

    Penny Good luck with the rocks (never tried to grow any myself)

    Anita Shame on you, Fancy preferring sitting in the warm, working on the addictive blogsite (I can't begin to imagine why you feel this way!)

    Thanks all of you for the visit, see you again soon.

  5. Sounds like a job well done. I guess you have the added treat of lots of butterflies later on in the year. Hope you have dried out properly and warmed up. Such energetic gardening is a bit beyond me these days, but I love to potter though only on warm days.

  6. Freda, yes to the butterflies, in a good seaaon hundreds of them. Though they seem to prefer the white buddliea to the coloured ones for some reason.
    Next I have to tackle two climbing roses. I get torn to bits pruning those so will choose a chilly bright day so I can wear thick jeans and gloves without looking like a yeti.