Wednesday, 16 March 2011

HAPPY ? Birthday

Today, as the title perhaps suggests, is my birthday.
Since it is also the Lent Course of talks in St M's, my official 'celebration', had to be yesterday.  "The Girls" and I went to a local pub for a meal, drinks, get-together and we all enjoyed it, (even the walk there and back).
That said, today is a damp squib.  I really don't know how or why we are supposed to enjoy being one official year older but somehow I fail to 'get' it.
Yes I know I'm a miserable so-and-so, but celebrating birthdays seems a  weird concept to me.  From a family where no great fuss was ever made of such occasions, and having been married for 38 years to a man who was supremely indifferent to any type of anniversary, this has reinforced my own lack of enthusiasm for a fuss being made of an inevitable event.
Funnily enough, I thoroughly enjoy other people's ways of marking these happenings in their lives and though never a "party animal" have been known to let my hair down quite dramatically on occasion.  So why this reluctance on my own behalf.?
If anyone has any idea, or even fancies their chances at a spot of psychiatry feel free!


  1. Happy Birthday, Ray. And congratulations on your one year of being a baptized and confirmed Christian, to refer to a previous post of yours,

  2. Well I wish you the rest of the day is a Truly Happy Birthday. Mine was Sunday, 64 now and trying to be thankful. X

  3. Anita Thanks for the birthday wishes and the congratulations on the baptism/comfirmation.
    I'm slowly beginning to appreciate the latter.

    Margaret Thankyou for the good wishes and may I wish you belatedly a happy birthday (last Sunday). Only 64, You're a mere child!