Thursday, 31 March 2011

Love Unrequited - Agony or Ecstasy

I have had elements of this post in mind for a while but wasn't sure how to 'meld' its component parts into a comprehensive whole.
Something I read this morning about a study of the effects of rejection and unrequited love on the brain gave me the necessary impetus.
The study, undertaken by researchers at the University of Michigan has shown that the reaction by certain receptors in the brain to physical pain is identical to that of those suffering the  'pain' of rejection, emotional hurt because of break-down in a relationship or the suffering caused by unrequited love.
Love, of whatever kind, be it spiritual, sibling, parent to child, child to parent, marital or other is largely based on mutual trust, and it is where that trust is, or is perceived to be betrayed, that serious hurt can be the result.
Sometimes if the love felt by one is not reciprocated and the emotion only a short-lived one, it is possible to paper over the cracks in the afflicted heart, whereas if it is a long-lasting and on-going fixation or obsession
of which the object of the devotion is unaware, the pain felt is such that it can result in severe depression, complete mental break-down, or even suicide.
The love of God for us all is, we are taught, everlasting, all-forgiving and inclusive, it is in believing this and accepting that it is so that even those most severely afflicted  may find peace.
I think it was Hamlet who said "men have died, and worms have eaten them but not for love"

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