Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Unsolicited Gifts

This is the third attempt to reach my blog spot. Heaven help me if I ever have anything
important to say!

This morning I was disturbed by a ring at the doorbell which proved to be the postman with
a parcel from a charity I support from time to time. This is not the first time I have been
bombarded with totally unsolicited and unwanted gifts by a charity hoping to squeeze an extra
donation out of me.

My objection to this form of moral blackmail is two-fold. Firstly, I need no persuasion to
donate to causes I already support and secondly and much more importantly, the money
spent on the gift in question could have gone directly to the beneficiaries . Am I alone in
thinking there is something inherantly wrong with an organisation which purports to be in
dire need of funds yet spends hard-won cash on useless trash?

Perhaps it was just getting out of bed on the wrong side, but as the steam poured out of my
ears and the cooling-down process began I still felt there was some validity to my argument.

Has anyone any suggestions for a suitable reply to this organisation?


  1. The trouble is that it probably works from a financial point of view. I take a hard line with charity bribes/freebies - straight in the bin. Wonderfully freeing; and I give to those I choose. Hope you are getting the hang of how to deal with them now.

  2. Almost one year on from Freda's comment and I'm still besieged daily by a dozen or so charity appeals, am running out of sympathy, empathy and cash.