Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Izzy Wizzy Let's Get ......Nah Let's not!

This being a day when miraculously, I have for once had a solid 6-hours sleep and am feeling, for me fairly energized, it seems somehow incumbent on me to fill the day with chores.

Is this guilt, conditioning from 'way-back', a desire to catch up before the energy runs out, or merely some type of insanity?

How is it that many of us feel that in order to justify our existence we have, not only to work to the point of exhaustion, but also to be seen to be filling our time profitably?

I have read a great deal about the concept of original sin, but original guilt - where did that come from?

Whatever the reason, I now have an empty linen-basket, loads of freshly-ironed clothes, a clean house and how do I feel? Cheated - that's how! Though what else could have been done on such a vile wet, windy, miserable day I've no idea.

Far be it from me to offer up any theories on the human psyche but what a sad old lot we are if we are unable to find a better way of utilising good energy than in sanitizing our surroundings.

Perhaps it is just me after all. What a horrible thought. Think I'll go and have a whisky or maybe drown myself in the bird bath!


  1. Familial problem of posting comments/blogs this a further test which replaces my past elequence which seems to have been lost.

  2. Thankyou Roger, thankyou David, it is so good to know I am not "wasting my sweetness on the desert air" or whatever.

    Yipee! and again Yipee or if you like Alleluia!