Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Inpsiration Perspiration Exasperation

Whew! Made it on to the right page. What an achievement. Yeah I know, pathetic isn't it?
Ideas come and go but by the time I've got to the page I've long since lost the plot!

Perhaps in a parallel universe there might be a place for waffling of this calibre but if so, I would
hate to be an inhabitant.

The first four blogs I created (I think that's the word) and of which I was rather proud disappeared into cyberspace at the speed of light and though I can read them on my screen,
sadly the world has been denied that privilege.

Dry your tears, there will be endless replacements.

Trying to type using an index finger swollen with two wasp stings is not my idea of a pleasant
day at the desk. The little ....... stung me once and while I was flailing wildy in a vain attempt
to dislodge the beast, it did it again...........D'ye think it was trying to tell me something?

More than enough methinks for my second effort, just off to listen to a recording of Vaughan
Williams "The Wasps".

More anon.

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