Monday, 3 July 2017

Just an average day in the life of a Rector

The man on the left is our current rector/vicar/priest.

The lady in the middle is not someone I recognise

The one on the right is Barbara, our town mayor (now replaced by her successor).

Their somewhat unusual (even for Aylesbury) garb, is part of the annual Roald Dahl Festival.  Which for some reason is this year known as the Wizz-fizzing festival.

Right at the back of the picture (above the Mayor's hat) you can just faintly see the spire of St Mary's.

It has been said (though I don't believe it), that the Anglican church is all set to adopt the headgear in this photo as a staple part of their clergy wear.

The lollipop is to replace the Bishops' croziers.

No-one can say that Aylesbury is behind the times where fashion is concerned.


  1. I suddenly found it a bit hard to breathe, could it be the lush colours beaming from the clergy? "I see your true colours shining through" sang Cindy Lauper in the 80's, she must have foreseen this!!!

  2. Ah, there you go! He actually could have been swedish too.....

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