Friday, 14 July 2017

What happened to "Yes" and "No"?

Anyone who has read any of the 534 posts I have written over the past 6 years will be only too aware that I am (shall we say slightly) pedantic over grammar and the use of words.

Watching the 'politics' show this morning on TV I was once again reminded that the words yes and no appear to have vanished from the vocabulary of nearly all politicians.

Asked a straightforward question by an interviewer/interrogator to which the answer can only be "yes" or "no" it is amazing how many hoops they are prepared to jump through to avoid such a reply.

Adept at side-stepping and  avoiding at all costs the expected answer, they will take the scenic route using the opportunity to make a party propaganda speech illustrating just  how extensive their vocabulary is, yet somehow contriving to miss the point completely.

If only their political integrity matched their verbal dexterity what a country we would have.

End of rant.  (For today).


  1. Amen to that, say I. How wonderful and refreshing it would be if politicians would answer questions with complete honesty, even if the answers were only one word.

  2. Jesus does have something to say there, yes or no, anything else is bad. I think it's the way we regard truth. Truth today is all loaded with tensity and loopholes. If you say a blunt yes or no, you have to regard it as the truth and as such, you have to stand up for your answer come consequenses. In Sweden, the politicians say nothing much in interviews but more on Twitter, and so we often see them cringe and sweat when confronted. If we could face the truth and actually dare say straight out how things are and what we do believe, and we actually did or did not, life would be more understandable. What do you say, ladies, would it be easier for the politicians if the world had a more compassionate touch and nobody had to be scared of being cast out in the dark because of a mistake or straight answer?? The book of Acts does have many a good advice about people with bad behaviour or bad opinions. Why can't I give short comments??? Straighten up, Solveig!!

  3. Your answers may be a bit long Solveig, but there is no confusion. Say it as you see it seems good to me.

  4. It's the way interviewees all start with either "So" or "Well" that drives me mad. I'm all for clarity.

  5. Oh yes, particularly the misuse of "so", as though it were in response to something which had already been said.
    Weird !