Sunday, 15 March 2015

On being (almost) 80

Not until tomorrow.

I took along a box of chocolates for the choir this morning with strict instructions (not until after the service) mainly aimed at the 'mice'.

The secret is well and truly out so  no point in denying the fact that I am now officially old.

The look of fascinated horror on the faces of some of the mice "how can anyone be so old and still in a choir?" is one I have become used to.

The usual "you are fantastic for your age" while taken with the usual ton of salt is also rather annoying.

My mother who reached the age of 103 was incensed by the heaps of congratulations she received whenever her great 'achievement' was mentioned.  Neither she nor I understand why ageing without total collapse of all faculties is a source of astonishment for so many people.

After all the only thing you have to do to receive all these accolades is to keep breathing.

That brief tirade over, I am having the birthday of a lifetime.

Presents from all kinds of people are appearing on my doorstep, through the letterbox, in the post etc.
This is something of which I have no previous experience and it is lovely, if slightly alarming.

Everything is remaining unopened until tomorrow - despite the fact that one item was presented to me a month early.  So tomorrow will be very busy.

The 'girls' are taking me out to dinner tomorrow night to my favourite restaurant and have been heaping gifts on me for days.

With a long lifetime of birthdays passing almost unnoticed in the main to this is quite a step.

That said, I still have and sometimes wear a silver ring given me by my best friend on my 21st and also a little sawdust stuffed cat given me by my then boy-friend.

I love and value both of these things but am nor accustomed to being drowned in gifts.

As I said, lovely, but a little alarming.

Roll on tomorrow.


  1. Wishing you a very happy birthday, Ray, and I'm sure it will be. I'm delighted to hear that you are being feted by all your friends. You thoroughly deserve it. And mind you keep singing! After all, if 70 is the new 60, then 80 must be the new 70. :-)

  2. Thank you for the birthday wishes Perpetua, but I must point out that when I was 75 I decided that each birthday after that one would see me dropping five years. .
    According to that I will be back to zero eventually (if I live long enough)
    How's that for ageing gracefully.?
    As for the singing. I intend to continue until I am begged to stop :-)

  3. Happy Birthday Ray enjoy all the spoiling and prezzies.

  4. Have a lovely birthday Ray...and enjoy both your singing and the meal out with the girls...females friends are wonderful on these occasions!

  5. Thanks Jean. I couldn't agree more. Am looking forward to tonight.