Sunday, 24 February 2013

P. S.

Just a brief but heartfelt song of praise for my lovely next-door neighbours.

They arrived back in freezing Britain from warm Spain this morning before 5.00 am.

I went to church as normal came back and straight out to fill up the front garden bird feeders, while I still had the courage (and a thick padded coat on), and my neighbour was cleaning his car.!!!!!!

Having exchanged the usual friendly enquiries as to how the holiday had gone - particularly how hot it had been - I told him my tale of woe about my household demons moving in as soon as he had turned his back.

Quick as a flash he was in front of the computer, defunct mouse in hand, new batteries removed (and replaced the RIGHT WAY ROUND) and mouse happily breathing again he said, let's have a look at the vacuum cleaner.

Apparently there is another bit I have to remove in order to clean it.  This he did, and it is now properly assembled and fit for purpose.

All this accomplished with the minimum of fuss and a smile.

I am one lucky lady!


  1. Brilliant, Ray. A neighbour like that is to be cherished.

  2. He is, I assure you Perpetua, as is his wife. We took to them the day they moved in about 15 years ago, and luckily for us the feeling appears to be mutual.
    There is a deliberate intention in this close to befriend and be good neighbours to each other, and it works.
    Since John died I have had a million reasons to be grateful to all of them.
    We each have something different to offer and the collective goodwill works wonders.

  3. What a lovely neighbourhood you have. A blessing in this modern day and age.

  4. You're absolutely right Jane, but, you know, it didn't just happen. Starting with one determined extrovert years ago, it has grown and grown until it is now a real community.
    Everyone who moves in when someone else leaves is immediately invited to whatever is currently going on in the close.
    Now and then, not often, we fail to 'reach' someone and if they consistently refuse all overtures we leave them in peace.
    What is really nice is that if anyone is unhappy about something there is no shortage of 'shoulders' on offer.

  5. Gosh, that does sound like a great neighborhood! So happy you got your stuff taken care of, Ray!

  6. "Stuff"?, Penny, what can you mean.
    Yes, I am fortunate indeed to have such willing help on demand.
    Let's hope there is no more "stuff" for a while. I loath inanimate objects, especially when they are not supposed to be inanimate.