Friday, 22 February 2013

Complain, Moi?

Anyone who is in any way familiar with this blogsite, will have noticed the unnatural cheerfulness of recent posts.

Warning - I am about to revert to my usual whinge mode.

Not only is  it February, but the 22nd is the most miserable date in my personal calendar so the day started badly anyway.

A few weeks ago my trusty lightweight vacuum cleaner 'blew up'. Almost literally.  I managed to clean most of the house before a    whirring noise and a cloud of smoke announced its demise.                

Annoyed but not unduly alarmed I phoned and ordered a similarly lightweight one which had been advertised in Saga magazine.  I was told it would be with me in five days time.  It was.

A minimal amount of assembly was required and after about half an hour I had it working.  Not only was it even lighter than my previous one (only one and a half Kilos), but it was also quite powerful.  Great, I thought, job done.

This morning, I decided to empty it before using it once more, read the instructions, removed the filter etc., and found the casing of the filter was thick with dust and grot.  Could not find any way to get at the stuff without using a paper knife and a thin brush, and an hour later have just put it back together again.

To my disgust I found the grot was once more piling  up between the filter and its casing.

Have not yet thrown it out of the window but........

Additionally, I am still using the touch pad for all my computer activities, since the death of my mouse  has left me with no other option.

There is an East wind blowing so will not be going out  to see if I can get some help re new attached mouse and until it is warmer and my helpful neighbours return from their half term break can not ask anyone locally for assistance.

Just one tiny further grouse.  I cut my hair this morning (don't ask), and have cut it just that bit too short.
Shorn the sheep has nothing on me.

Yes, I am sticking to my Lenten promise to read the Bible daily, but I need to stop swearing first today.

Deep joy!


  1. Surely anyone who can take a vacuum cleaner apart can plug in a mouse - how hard can it be? Is it USB or the old round plug kind? Maybe your PC is hard to get at and tied up with other wires you don't want to disturb. Hope you get it done soon. I have to use a mouse with my laptop too I hate the touch pad thingy.

  2. Sorry Colin, I appear to have mislead you. My blog seems to say that I already have a new mouse. No so. The creature has yet to be bought.
    Too cold, ain't going out. Wouldn't know what to buy anyway.
    When I have one I will find out how and where to plug it in. My lap-top is used as a desktop and is permanently anchored with any number of leads already in place.
    A friend did this for me when I bought it in 2010.
    Since I have no computer training and use it only for my blog and emails and to Google info, it is hardly a computer at all.
    As for the vacuum cleaner it took me ages to follow the instructions to empty it and I clearly have that all wrong too.
    Once a technaphobe, always a technaphobe.

  3. You'll get there with the mouse, Ray. But sorry to hear about the problems with the vacuum cleaner. I guess that is why Dyson cleaners are so good, though they are heavy. Their design is second to none. I am only onto my second in 20yrs or more. Freda from Dalamory

  4. Poor Ray. I feel your pain where the new vacuum is concerned. If you knew what to order you can get a computer mouse via Amazon without setting foot out-of-doors. It's knowing exactly what to order that's the hard part, so I hope your nice neighbours can help soon.

  5. Sounds like my sort of experiences when lots of things go wrong at once!

  6. Freda, I know you're right about Dyson, but the weight is a killer for me, hence the ultra lightweight.
    It must be something simple I'm overlooking but the emptying seems a Herculean task at present.

  7. So far, Perpetua, I have never bought anything on-line, and hate the thought of risking my banking details being 'out there'. Paranoid I know, but that's me I'm afraid.
    My neighbours should be back in a day or two then it's just a question of catching one. (I know, it sounds like big-game hunting doesn't it?
    Perhaps the weather will improve soon and I'll risk a trip to PC World and ask for their help.
    Looking at the day-long snow flurries I won't hold my breath!

  8. Ain't that the truth Suem?

    Never mind the mouse, the vacuum cleaner and today a notice of a large increase in my water rate should count as my 'three' shouldn't it.

    Or am I being unduly optimistic?