Thursday, 2 February 2012

Mundane Mutterings, Whimsical Witterings and Transient Thinks!

I know I've used this image before but I like it!

Having nothing in particular to say seems to me a good time to just grab a passing thought or two and transfer it to print before it escapes again.

Since discontinuing my daily ( A5 size) diary, I find myself missing the habit of jotting down odd daily happenings, ideas, reflections etc and since I said I would now treat my blog in similar vein, read on....

From what I saw on TV news tonight it would appear that an essential requisite for would-be America's First Lady is the ability to perform 25 press-ups (preferably on TV).

Then there's Chris Hoone ?  Hune ? Whom?  Truth they say is stranger than fiction - it's just knowing the difference that's the problem.

Harry Redknapp?   Does anyone know the name and phone number of his accountant?

Why  is February (a month I could happily do without), often the coldest of the year?

Where did the myth that birds start mating on St Valentine's day come from.  I must say they appear not to have heard that particular one in this neck of the woods.  There have been signs of early partnerships in the mild spell a fortnight or so ago.  (Bet they regret it now it's bitterly cold ).

What makes some people think it is alright to put their cat out at night in these temperatures, when the poor little beast has been indoors by the radiators all day?

Someone pointed out the other day that  I don't appear to read my blog posts before publishing them.  The main reason for the comment was the inordinate number of typos which go unheeded.

No, I do not read them, after all I wrote them, I know what drivel they are.

AND,        is it my fault if my lap-top is dyslexic?


  1. Well, you've made me laugh! More power to ya!

  2. They may be drivel but they are enjoyable drivel, Ray. Love the cat and mouse. :-)

  3. My lap top is atrocious at spelling too, and grammar... apalling! Thanks for this post made me smile ,a good start to the day!

  4. A little bit of drivel makes the world go round. My cats take one sniff of frozen or rain laden air and dash back upstairs with an alacrity that surprises me. All they do is sleep, eat and angle for a fuss. What a nice life. Re reading through posts etc- Post and be damned! I say. It all feeds into the polyglot of life on this planet and adds to the mystery.

  5. Broad and Theanne. So glad I made you smile. That, among other things, was the intention.

  6. Hi Perpetua. I am pleased to hear that my 'drivel' is to your taste. Thanks. I think.
    The cat and mouse is an appealing image isn't it?

    1. It was a compliment, Ray. You write more thought-provoking 'drivel' than anyone I know. :-)

  7. Jenni I'm glad mine is not the only illiterate lap-top on the planet. Happily, the problem appears to be incurable.

  8. Constantina Hi. We aims ter please.

  9. And I took it as such Perpetua. Really.

    Sometimes I am over-facetious. Will try to do better.