Saturday, 30 April 2011


Yesterday we had a street party.

In a small close which is prone to celebrate most things at the drop of a hat, this was a celebration extraordin aire! 

We had no less than 3 barbecues  in the middle of our sealed off road, tables and chairs from the community centre a hundred yards away.  For those who wanted them there were burgers, hot-dogs, jacket potatoes bowls of salads barrels filled with cold water to cool all the drinks (soft and not so soft).

We had strings of bunting displaying  both the Union Jack and Kate and William's faces.  Red, white and blue balloons, you name it we had it.

We started getting things ready at about 2.30 pm and it gathered momentum from then onward.  Just as most of us started on the food there were rumbles of thunder, followed by lightening flashes and pretty soon a terrific downpour.  Several of us opened up our garages, rescued food from drowning and we all took shelter for the half-hour or so it lasted.

Oddly, it seemed to add to the general enjoyment and the noise (considerable) went up several decibels.
We had some fairly loud not-so-background music and the kids were really getting into their stride when the Mayor accompanied by a group of entertainers turned up.

Everything from face painting, balloon animals created on demand, a chimney sweep, a clown and best for me, a life-like large dog on a motorised scooter who 'talked' to the various groups of us milling around.

The Mayor was his usual friendly self and the whole visit lasted well over an hour, culminating in his cutting the Union Jack iced cake someone had made.

Many photographs were taken, yet to be viewed, and then some of the kids went off to the local park for a kick around while the adults settled around the "chimneys" which burned wood at an alarming rate while warming most of us brave enough to risk the sparks.

Wine, beer and good conversations went on and on and on until well after 11.00 pm.  Each of us disappearing into our respective houses for more 'layers' of warm clothes as it got darker and colder.

All in all one of our better get-togethers and one of the things which makes me really glad to live in this wonderfull close, full of lovely friendly people.

Thanks Kate and William and every blessing on you marriage.

One for the memory bank I think!


  1. That sounds fantastic, Ray! How good that neighbours can celebrate and socialise like this, despite everyhing the weather throws at us :-)

    No street party up here in northern Scotland, but I was invited to twatch the wedding with a friend from church who trned it into a mini lunch party, which was great fun.

  2. That does sound great, Ray! What fun to gather with neighbors to celebrate and make happy memories! I'm glad you had so much fun.

  3. Perpetua and Penny
    Yes it was fun and the fact that everyone contributes something makes it all the more worth while.
    Each time we do this we get better at it and I am so glad I decided to stay here after John died.
    Everyone individually and collectively in this small close has been and I hope will remain a good friend.

  4. Glad you had a good time. Sounds like it was a good old knees-up. Wish we had occasions like this more often.

  5. It was a really happy day and what made it extra special was the sheer goodwill of everyone involved. It will be a sad day when the first one goes to live elsewhere.
    Though so far we have always managed to include newcomers.