Friday, 8 April 2011

Nose Dive

Honestly.  I was just standing there in brilliant sunshine on this very warm evening waiting for the bus to take me to choir practice.

I should mention that the bus-stop is somewhat aromatic, in fact it pongs.  I dread to think what purposes it may be used for in the long dark evenings, but they leave their mark, whoever 'they' are.

It became obvious that I was not the only creature drawn to the area and quite a few flies were in evidence.

Afraid of missing the bus I had arrived five minutes early, and spent most of that time trying to find a shaded corner with fewer insects.

Suddenly without so much as a by-your-leave one flew  up my nose.

I sneezed violently then blew and blew my poor violated nose as hard as I could (did I mention there were two other people at the bus-stop?) and, eyes watering, tried to explain what had happened.

They were laughing so hard they didn't hear a word of my feeble explanation and then thank heaven, the bus arrived.  The driver and I have become good friends over the last twelve months and I told him what had happened expecting a sympathetic response.  Not a bit of it, he laughed even louder than the other two passengers - most of the way into town in fact - and red-faced, cross and with a sore throat I turned up for a really busy rehearsal hating buses, bus-stops and most of all flies.

I just hope it died horribly.  Serves it right!


  1. Sometimes things get right up yer nose!

  2. Boom Boom!
    Well I did ask for that I suppose. Just off to buy a face-mask!

  3. hahaha love it - although I do feel some sympathy for you because I was walking briskly home the other evening (with mouth open) and swallowed what I presume was a fly!! not a nice feeling but will endeavour to walk briskly in future with 'gob' shut :)) lol

  4. Good luck with that one Judy!

    I'm glad I didn't swallow the beast, I'm a vegetarian.

  5. I swallowed a fly once. Isn't there a rhyme about this?

  6. Yes. There is indeed, or perhaps it was a song?
    Burl Ives sang a version of it many centuries ago I seem to remember.
    Don't remember all the words, but it finished "Don't know why I swallowed a fly, perhaps I'll die"
    So glad it didn't happen to you.