Friday, 4 February 2011

The Wind of Change

A few weeks ago I wrote a fairly whimsical word or two on the subject of wind.  Today, having had to nip out to my nearby one-stop for a couple of odds and ends, I encountered winds of a very different calibre.

Overnight we have seen, (and heard) gales blowing up, shrilling round the rooftops, lifting and relocating anything not tied down etc., but since it is mild I thought, Hmmm, light raincoat, scarf whip round the corner back in five minutes.

Our lovely intemperate climate had other ideas.  First of all, there was the rain, unseen, but felt.  Like a poorly functioning shower, soaking but intermittent.  The noise of the wind was by now loud enough to drown traffic noise, which necessitated turning round to check before crossing roads every other second, and being rewarded by a sharp slap in the face by afore-mentioned scarf.

Not content with that the force-ten or thereabouts was turning every step into a wrestling match.  I am no featherweight but nevertheless had difficulty staying earth-bound and returned to the warmth and shelter of home with a gratefull sigh.

Why are we never prepared for our freakish weather in this country?  After all, we've mostly been around long enough to expect the unexpected.  I'm sure I never used to be such a whimp!


  1. We had booked an outdoor tennis court yesterday, and the gale force winds made that impossible to contemplate. I love the British weather and its variations, especially now that I live in the country, and can watch it in action, so to say!
    Enjoying your blog, Ray. It's on my blogroll. I hope you keep enjoying blogging! Anita