Friday, 25 February 2011

One of Those Days

Have just returned from an early excursion into town.  Needing some new underwear thought hmmm half-term and Friday, not a good combination.  So early bus - too early for library to be open means going back on my tracks, Oh well, nice day, good exercise.

Bought all I wanted with no difficulty, popped into W H Smith for TV Times,  long long queue.  Why?  Tills not operating.  Eventually fixed, queue moves battle somewhere behind me, loud voices, lost tempers "I was in front of you" sort of stuff and it's only 9.30am.

What else did I want?  Can't remember, can't be that important head for bus stop.  My bus just pulling away,
dropped jaw must have registered with the driver who stopped bus and let me on with a smile.  Wow! is this really England or have I popped into a parallel universe?

Easy run home, lots of nice easy chat with fellow travellers.

Step into my hallway, green light flashing on phone "you have one new message".  The photographers in town who are printing some old transparancies for me to tell me they are ready to pick up.

Now I remember what the other thing was!!!!!!

Oh well, next week will do.

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