Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The art of saying nothing in hundreds of words.

Since it appears that the current 'wide awake night, zhombie day' state of play is to be my way of life for a while, I shall endeavour to attract a wider audience (laughs hollowly) for my illiterate outpourings.

How to do that?

Well, it seems to me that my offerings to date have been rather too tame, a little too circumspect, a tad genteel.  So maybe an alternative, slightly more racy approach would work.

Is that really me though?

No.  Sadly not.  Nevertheless I have come up with a novel idea.  Just suppose someone out there might like to suggest a subject instead of racking my poor little grey cell (singular) for something new to write about.
Seriously is anyone up to the challenge, if so, I'll have a shot.  I f not, and I've once again shot myself in the foot, I'll persist in my usual  meandering "snapper-up of unconsidered trifles" way, sometimes hitting but most often missing the mark.

It is really quite amazing how having absolutely nothing of any use to say can result in such a huge spate of words.

Waffling some people call it.  Others have ruder descriptions!


  1. Perhaps you could use a "starter" phrase - like, "It was a dark and stormy night...." or "The last time I ordered a steak...." or "Ever since I bought a new pair of boots, I have this desire to ..."

  2. We quite like you the way you are....but I know what you mean. But just because there are no written responses doesn't mean people aren't reading, I often read a blog and think ,yes good comment ,but don't post anything.

  3. Thanks Penelope, I may just do that, though as a vegetarian I'm really going to have to dig back into the annals of history for the steak story.

    Tootallburd, Thankyou for what you said. All compliments gratefully accepted (cos I'm ever so 'umble). Seriously it's nice to know some of my scribbling hits the mark.
    Like you I read many, but comment only occasionally.
    Both: promise to do better!