Sunday, 4 June 2017

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This morning  my taxi driver asked me to pray for him.  This is not unusual, but this morning it seemed extra special

All the taxi drivers who take me to church on Sundays are Asian, mostly Muslim.

Often they ask questions about the way Christian worship differs from Muslim.

From my limited knowledge I try to answer all their questions and ask a few of my own.

The one thing which becomes more and more apparent as we continue this travelling dialogue is that we have far more in common than different.

This morning we discussed our dismay and distress at what is currently happening in the name of religion.  Nothing could be further from the aims of all monotheist religions than the murderous practices we are are witnessing all over the world at present.

The reason I gave this piece no heading  is simply that like many others I am running out of words.

As I prayed for my taxi driver during the intercessions this morning I imagined all those hands joined in mutual prayer world-wide and felt a surge of strength and one-ness with those others.

As the Hippies in the 60's used to say in greeting "Love and Peace".


  1. Lovely post Ray.....Love and Peace. As an old hippie I still use these words! It's time for both!

  2. Thanks Jean.
    It is indeed time for both, nothing else will work.

  3. Did you watch the concert in Manchester last night? It gave a much needed lift to see so much love and hope in the faces of that young crowd.

    1. No. I missed it I'm afraid, but have seen the news coverage of it. It certainly seems to have struck just the right note at this grim time.

  4. There you see a very direct answer to why the prayers must continue - because it makes people change and inspire to more prayers- your challenge of praying an hour for those five people is already overwhelmingly successfull. We may not witness any miracles, but praying makes change. Perhaps all the prayers is what keeps people from getting filled with hatred and rewenge and instead gather in peace to manifest the strenght in human fellowship. Like in Manchester and in London this evening.
    Blessings to you, Ray!!

  5. I agree Solveig. I have seen evidence that prayer works and that it also changes those who pray,
    To live in love and hope rather than despair and fear will change the world.
    Blessings to you also.

  6. Nothing wrong with a bit of hippyism, I'd like to go back to a time when some people at least truly believed the world could become a better place. I thought of my son's girlfriend when I read this post, my son sometimes joins her in the Ramadan fast and evening meal. Love and peace to all!

  7. Never a Hippie myself, yet a sympathiser I was always very aware that CND had a huge number of Hippies as members.
    My days with CND made me very conscious of the need for those who believed in the possibility of peace to be prepared to act unilaterally.
    To stand unarmed and refusing to be armed (particularly with nuclear arms) and declare that peace and love could win the day, was to say the least, a dangerous gamble. But it was a gamble many thousands were willing to take.
    This is still the same world, with some of the same people, and, thank God, some of the same aims.

  8. This is a wonderful post - such a special time each Sunday. You are doing something special. Ray, you may have guessed I am catching up by going backwards. . . . it made sense at the time!) Keep praying and keep sharing goodness week by week it is an amazing gift both from you and for you,