Saturday, 2 July 2016

Where are the dark horses?

Surely no-one who has witnessed the unedifying spectacle of the scramble for the glittering prize (poisoned chalice) of party leadership (both parties), can possibly be in any doubt that politics is a dirty game.

Undignified in the extreme not to say treacherous in some cases, it has been and still is a perfect example of all that is worst in British politics.

Nothing is as  it seems.  No-one is as they (formerly) appeared.  Who to trust?

I name no names.  We have surely had as much of that as we can take, but it seems to me that no single individual of any political complexion has come out of this debacle looking clean and promising.

What we need now is a dark horse, a secret runner, in short God.

Time to turn over the tables in the temples, throw out the wicked and the weird and allow space for a decent honest well-balanced human being to emerge from the shadows,

Someone who has brains, business acumen, debating skills and a clear view of our future in his/her sights.

But, back in the real world, since only the membership of the two main parties may vote for their choice of leader the rest of us are doomed to sit and wait with fear and apprehension and not a great deal of optimism, to see what our confused brothers and sisters deem suitable for our needs.

Yes OK so I'm playing devil's advocate but also praying for common-sense to prevail.

Let's hope choices are made soon and with at least a modicum of intelligence, and God help us all.


  1. Agree wholeheartedly Ray ! Well done , you have spoken for many of us in a few succinct and understandable words .Thanks

  2. I can honestly say Margaret, it was a pleasure. Not as blunt as I might have been but nonetheless how I feel:-)

  3. Well done Ray...once again we are of one mind.

    1. If only that were all it took to change things, but we may have the satisfaction of knowing as the ship of state sinks that we at least shared a different vision.

  4. Thank you , Ray . Beautifully said .

  5. "Words words words" Spruce. They have the merit of easing tension and frustration but sadly that is all.

  6. Please do not underestimate the power of the word, Ray! It was by his word the Lord created this world, was is not?
    But I know what you mean, words alone can't turn the situation, and words will be all that will be accounted for the comming months, I fail to see where any sensible and commongood-action can be done and by whome. In the mean time, your sharp and somewhat humouristic sense of words will keep us alert. Keep hoping for the good and sensible and keep praying , but those words are needed, for comfort and strenght, if nothing else!!

  7. Believe me Fairtrader I do not underestimate the power of words, just mine.
    While this political bun-fight continues many people will find their vocalbularies tested.

  8. I'm like you, Ray, looking forward to things getting on the straight and narrow - but it doesn't seem likely soon.

  9. Straight and narrow would make a nice change from wild and woolly Freda.
    Wouldn't it feel good to have a huge blackboard duster and just be able to wipe out the last few months?

  10. It is all terribly depressing, I really have felt down about it all. We all know that there is a better way to live life so let's not give up hope - but, yes, I've done my share of wailing, gnashing of teeth, ranting at the radio, holding head in hands in despair...

  11. I had hoped that the exit of the main protagonists from the arena might have allowed room for someone better to put in a bid, but it seems we are to be offered "the mixture as before".
    Are there really no originals out there?
    If there are are, please come out of hiding, we need you.