Thursday, 21 July 2016

Alleluia My Lap-top is alive and well

Not that anyone would have noticed anyway but, my internet connection has mysteriously resumed active life.

For the past 8 days I have had no access to the 'net' except through my iPad and have been unable to Google anything, or blog.

Amazingly I found myself feeling as though I had quite a severe illness.

The hideously hot weather robs me of all but the smallest flicker of energy and every necessary activity is a chore, so not being able to communicate in my 'normal' way has been even more of a deprivation than it would have been in ordinary weather.

Not at all computer literate, not an IT competent person nor particularly patient, I have been unplugging cables and re-plugging them, pressing all the apparent help-lines on my screen and had finally decided that as today is not a working (church) day I would go and beg one of my hard-working neighbours for some advice.

Last thing last night I pressed a hitherto unused icon on my screen without any real hope, saw no apparent improvement and went to bed.  This morning the magic had happened.  The screen is now displaying all instead of just a few of my icons and virtual life has been restored.

Six or seven years ago if anyone had told me that a computer would play such an important part in my life I would have thought they were mad, but words cannot express my (still tentative) joy.

What very strange creatures we are.

It now remains to be seen whether this is a permanent improvement or not.

Hoping and praying.


  1. I am with you all the way....I feel positively deprived when I can't communicate. Glad to have you back Ray!

  2. Thanks Jean. It felt a bit like having my blood supply cut off.

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  4. Since I don't live in your neigbourhood and can't drop in for a cupper and a nice chat, I realize that internet is both good and bad. Right now I can recognize its benefits on the good side, being able to take part of your clever remarks and great sense of humour!!! Keep it up, Ray, welcome back!

  5. Happy to oblige Fairtrader, though I fear what passes for a sense of humour is barely disguised cynicism.

  6. Just think how clever you are being able to utilise the cyberworld. Blessings from Dalamory