Thursday, 28 April 2016

Oh to be in England now that April's there

I think that's how the ridiculous poem goes.

What a  month.  We have had unseasonable warmth, rain (in torrents), hail, sleet and snow, Frost and very cold winds, in fact a year's weather  in a month.

Last Saturday we had a service for the Queen's 90th birthday at St. M's, with all the great and good of the county in attendance.

On Sunday afternoon we had the Annual Scouts Dedication Service and St George's Day combined.

Somehow we seem to have miraculously avoided the worst extremes of this crazy month and have avoided being either drowned, frozen or struck by lightning.  Can't imagine quite how.

My theory is that we have had several centuries of St. George being in charge of things and now things  have changed.  The dragon is taking over the proceedings and the weird weather we are experiencing is him, flexing his muscles.

There are buds on my early roses, leaves and buds on my tree peony but the daffodils are still in bloom.  That is, until Hector (that's the dragon) singes them with his hot breath.

This morning I watched a crow dipping some bread I'd thrown out in the ice-covered bird-bath before taking off with it.  Perhaps if he had hung around for a while Hector might have toasted it for him.

At present, 10.58 pm it is pouring and the rain and wind are lashing the back of the house.

Who knows what we may get tomorrow.

Thank heaven it will be May on Sunday.


  1. Celebrating May Day could this year be a bit different....wellies and woolly hats seem likely!

  2. And maybe we could dance round a bonfire instead of a Maypole. Little girls in pretty dresses holding ribbons? I don't think so.

  3. In Sweden we celebrate today, a day called Valborg. On Valborg there is the ancient tradition, originally emerged from the wildest vikings I suppose or perhaps later, to light fires in the sunset. Fire is a sign for the powers of darkness to bend and the light to take place. At its best, there is a well kept and organized fire with choirs singing springchoruses from the great days of years past. At its worst however, the great heap of branches also includes old tires, empty oilcans and an occasional hedgehog.
    The churchchoir in our congregation sings in two places and at each setting there is a speaker. Today, apart from celebrating spring, we also celebrate our king, his majesty King Carl the 16th Gustaf. It is his 70th birthday today and just like Queen Elizabeth he is parading the capitol with horses and all. No snowing today but winterclothes comes on. By the way, Ray, have you solved the bankingproblem yet? Papers still missing?? Hopefully, it will be alright. 1 may here the socialdemocrats and leftwings are parading with red flags and chanting and speaches all over.
    I loved your comments on this interesting springweather!!!

  4. I like the sound of Valborg (at its best), that is. Pity about the poor hedgehogs though.
    MaY 1st in the UK is, or was, also Labour Day, As a child I used to watch the parades with all the Trades Union banners. My father was a trade union National Officer so it was normal for us.
    Nowadays there is very little to mark May Day from any other day in most places.
    No, there is no news of my missing folder, so I'm afraid that has gone for ever, but at least I hope it has not also emptied my bank account.

  5. Well, we sang our best, lit the fires and gave four cheers for the monarch on his birthday and today on Labourday we celebrated the sundayservice just as usual. Primeminister did his speach somewhere in the country, banners were being wawed and parading being done , at least I believe so. We were never engaged in the union but as a child the day certainly broke off as very festive because that day the entrance in the great Park was free and there would be balloons and icecream and music.
    My grandparents lived for a few years in the middle of everything and the house were they rented an apartment had a top floor, where the maids used to have their quarters( very old house). This was available for the tennants and my cousin and I had a large toyrailway in one of the rooms and in the other we had this perfect view over the main street and could watch hundreds and hundreds of people parading through the city from above.
    Sorry to hear that the folders hasn't emerged. I rest assured you will keep your account intact!!!