Thursday, 14 April 2016


This is how I feel.  

So far in the past 24 hours I have had 4 phone calls from an organisation calling itself UK Lifestyle, or Lifestyle UK.

This is the same organisation which nearly drove me mad last year and I foolishly imagined they had given up.

All the callers are Asian, mostly but not all male, and they all begin with am I speaking with Mrs Barnez.

Followed by good morning/afternoon and how are you today Ma'am?

 So far I have managed to refrain from telling them exactly how I am, but told the last one to stop phoning me.

Currently I  am pretty stressed anyway, (domestic problems), and my blood-pressure is rapidly reaching boiling point.  To say nothing of the fact that stress makes my PD tremors return despite medication

What on earth will it take to get rid of these awful invasive leech-like pests?

If I knew where to buy one I would buy a whistle and every time they  call blow it deafeningly.

BT are totally uninterested and apparently unable to do anything to stop them.

I was about to go and have an brief rest (;possibly nap), but am so het up I feel like pulling the phone cable out of the wall and stamping on it.

I think I'll join a nunnery.


  1. Sounds like someone who wants to take a survey. I tell them "I never ever do surveys. Goodbye". And immediately hang up.

  2. Believe me Broad, I've tried every possible version of 'get lost', from the most polite to the exact opposite. Nothing works.

  3. I now have "Caller I.D." the theory being that I can see who is calling and only answer if it is someone I know. The only trouble is that I automatically answer without looking. The other idea is an answer phone (or voice mail) and then you can only lift the receiver if you want to talk to the person.

  4. This may have to be the answer Susan. I find when I press 1471 the number of the caller has always been withheld.
    If they had to identify themselves they would never get a reply.

  5. I too have far too many calls recently from people trying to sell me the very latest thing...either to do with solar panels or trying to change my gas supplier. The fact that we have no gas in the village seems not to be a deterrent. Also the calls are now coming from normal looking numbers...I join you in your angst!

  6. The point you make about the gas supply reminds me of another one I had a couple of years ago. This chap talked so fast that I couldn't interrupt him to tell him that my car insurance was not due and that indeed i had no car and couldn't drive.
    Nothing seems to deter them short of actuall screaming.
    Might try that next time.

  7. P S Just for the record Jean Feedjit has now decided that you are in Faringdon Oxford, while I am apparently in Brighouse Calderdale. Feedjit is an eejit!

    1. Laughing outloud st that one.....and it rhymes !

  8. I have a booklet from the Office of Fair trading dated 2006 BUT ive checked these out and they are still going
    you can Register with TPS (Telephone Preference Service) 0845 0700707
    you can use the Number Block service and block all callers from UK who withhold their numbers(no good if Indian call Centre)
    We did the TPS and have very few nuisance calls now .

  9. I should be still covered by the TPS form I completed about six years ago, but I fear that this current pest is an Indian Call Centre although they call themselves UK Lifestyle.
    I might try ringing the number you have given just to check that I am still on their list. Thanks Margaret

  10. They are so annoying. I generally just hang straight up. Once the guy phoned back to ask if I was always that rude... and then I was very rude to him...

  11. Good for you Sue. Sometimes it is the only way to get your message across.

  12. Each day I get three or four of these types of calls. Some days I am terse to the point of rudeness, some I just hang up, and today. . . . being a good day I have been trying to be more pleasant. The Callers are persistent all the time and just don't give up. Good luck.

  13. Thanks Freda it may be needed.