Saturday, 6 June 2015

The ghost in the machine - Spooked

This is nothing to do with the famous piece of pschyological literature of the same name.

This morning I have a lot of housework to catch up on.

This afternoon there is a Golden Wedding service with full eucharist at St. M's,  The couple at the centre being our retiring church warden choir member and his wife who is involved in dozens of other enterprises in our church family.

After the service there will be a buffet party, which in my case is to be followed by a party for the 18th birthday of one of my friends in the close.

So, lots of lovely time out of the very grubby house, followed by tomorrow's normal morning service .
This morning I am trying to rectify the neglect which is everywhere apparent.  First by vacuuming the whole house, then dusting polishing etc.

My vacuum cleaner is frankly cheap and not nasty exactly but inadequate.  It weighs so little that I can carry it upstairs on one finger.

Unfortunately this wonderful fact (the reason I bought it), is accompanied by several eccentricities which I am getting used to.  For example, when it becomes too warm it dies, with a sound like a fading air raid siren.  It is then necessary to wait for it to regain its strength before it will cooperate.

It lets me know when it is getting choked with dust by spitting out or regurgitating its contents, usually when I am almost finished.

This morning it did its usual fade-out so I thought, "a good time to have a coffee" and did just that.
Half way through my second cup there was a sound like a road drill and I went to  the front window to see which of my neighbours was starting some building work.  No one!

Puzzled I went upstairs to see if I could see better from there where the racket was coming from..

Lo and behold it was my vacuum cleaner which had switched itself on and was clearly waiting for me to resume.

Somewhat unnerved by this autonomous action I switched it off at the mains and said "Now let's see you start up".

Either I am losing the plot completely or it  is as I have always suspected, household machines have independent life.



  1. I am equally sure that they do...of course they couldn't possibly be a human failing......
    Enjoy your weekend...

  2. Human failing? What do you mean?
    I did enjoy it very much thank you, though I have had to continue the housework today or live in squalor:-)

  3. It had obviously had a nice rest and was raring to go, Ray. :-) I'm glad you had such an enjoyable, though probably tiring day.

  4. It was both lovely and tiring, but I am still slightly nervous of my vacuum cleaner.
    If however, it would occasionally go off and do some cleaning with no involvement from me I might be less nervous.

  5. This is hilarious, Ray! I have been contemplating buying an iRobot Roomba to vacuum up the cat hair while I am at work each day, but it is quite expensive. So maybe I should buy your cheap-o version!

  6. You'd need nerves of steel and endless patience Penny.