Saturday, 22 November 2014

Foreign call centres

Yet another post on the subject of foreign (usually Indian) call centres.

Yesterday between 1.00pm and 6.10pm I received no less than three calls.

Today, one at 9.30am  and one at 4.15pm.

It is beginning to feel personal, yet I know it is not.  Look up numbers beginning with 003, 002 and 0009 on Google and you will discover battalions of persecuted victims.

As I have said before (many times), my calls begin "Can I speak with Mrs Bar nez" or "am I speaking with Ray Barnez".

Firstly, there is no such person, secondly it should be speaking to not with and thirdly I don't really care tuppence how they address me, I'd just prefer them not to.

Last evening's 6.15 call "Am I speaking to Ray Barnez" was answered, "Not any more you're not" phone put down.  Today's 2nd call simply was left unanswered - I hung up about 10 minutes later.

This sounds mildly amusing but it is slowly driving me nuts.

No-one seems able to deter them.

Perhaps if we all simply left the phone off the hook until they gave up the loss of revenue would finally get to them and they'd find another occupation.  Or am I being naive?

Has anyone a new idea?


  1. It's undoubtedly an increasing nuisance. I never admit to being the person they name. I asked them to identify themselves and by the time they've done that, I tend to say, 'I don't wish to speak to you - goodbye.' I then feel a mixture of annoyance with some sympathy for the people who have to work in such a soul-destroying job - they must get a lot of verbal abuse and are probably under pressure to meet targets.

    1. I admire your forbearance Nancy, but couldn't even begin to emulate it.
      Frankly, all I want is for them to disappear for good.

  2. In the past I've had more than my share of these calls...but it's gone quiet recently. Shhhhhh.....
    I have never allowed a conversation and hope I'm now on a blacklist of the uncooperative . Eventually someone somewhere must get the message surely!

    1. I think I must be getting your share now Jean, there was another call as I finished posting yesterday.
      I just replaced the receiver and said nothing.

  3. My trick is to hang up if there is silence on the other end as soon as I say hello. It's a sign that it is a sales call.

  4. Sound strategy Jane. All we need now is for them to GET THE MESSAGE.

  5. Sound advice, Ray. I tend to say what my mother always said to doorstep salesmen, "Not today, thank you" and put the phone down. I try not to be rude as it's not the fault of the poor person on the other end of the line.

  6. I agree that would be the ideal way, however, when it reaches epidemic proportions good manners fly out of the window.
    I am simply putting the phone down now as soon as I hear the tell-tale hum and pause.

  7. Answering machine. Anyone I'd want to speak to knows to start a message and I'll pick up as soon as I hear their voice. The robots I simply delete daily :-)