Friday, 14 March 2014

Farewell to an honourable man

Just a passing salute to mark the death of a man I greatly admired.

Shrewd, intelligent, idealistic, he was always the master of his own destiny.  Never persuadable away from his declared beliefs, a perpetual thorn in the flesh of any right-wing government.

I admired his stance on virtually every political issue and was always disappointed that his own party so seldom came up to his high standards.

In my early days i had a dream that he would one day be prime minister.  Never, I suspect one of his own  dreams, he appeared to have no personal ambition unless it involved leading action against social injustice.

My trades unionist, communist father also admired him though he would have preferred a step further to the left, and often attended and occasionally spoke at the same meetings as my hero.

He shared one other habit with my father (not one I admired), in that he seldom was seen without his pipe and attendant cloud of smoke.

Rest in peace and rise in glory, most honourable of men.


  1. I knew him for a period in the honest, kind man who stuck to his principles: demonised for wanting governments and politicians generally to be accountable to the people.

  2. Lucky you. I wish I had had the honour of knowing him personally rather than vicariously through those who did.
    You are so right, he had great integrity.
    Oops, I've just realised I didn't mention his name in my rushed post.
    Oh well, too late now.

  3. Although there were many who disagreed with his politics, he was/is held in high esteem and well liked by most all of his colleagues for his kindness and high principles. I found him endlessly fascinating and wish I could have met him...

  4. I suspect that a great deal more will be written about him now than was ever the case when he was still here. It will be interesting to see how his previous detractors describe him.

  5. From here in New Zealand - who is he? sorry about my ignorance - I expect when you tell me I will say "of course".

  6. Hi Susan. He was Anthony Wedgewood Benn, generally referred to as Tony Benn. Formerly 2nd Viscount Stansgate (he dropped his title), an MP for 50 years and also a Cabinet Minister.
    Two labour Prime Ministers, Harold Wilson and James Callaghan gave him places in their Cabinet.
    Always controversial, but for me, always on the side of the angels.

  7. I agree absolutely Ray...lovely post!

  8. Thanks Jean. Just one more thing we have in common.

  9. I totally agree, Ray. a lovely man, honest, principled and highly intelligent and of completet integrity. I didn't agree with all his views but I admired and respected him. Oh for more politicians like him.

  10. I can only echo that Perpetua. He was, I think, the perfect role model for a politician of any persuasion.

  11. Someone who truly care

    Blessings from Dalamory