Friday, 23 August 2013

Please Lord let it rain.

I  know half the country would say "mad woman, what is she talking about" but those of us who can't cope with hot humid weather and whose only sightings of rain clouds have been the ones on their way elsewhere will surely join me in supplication.

Or maybe not.

It is after all Bank Holiday weekend and we along with many others, will be having our annual BBQ in the close, so no, maybe those involved would prefer this stifling airless humid horrible heat to continue.

A housework day for me, this Thursday has seen me do a massive shop, taxi home and not one finger lifted to do any other thing.

So overwhelming is this heavy thundery heat I decided to lie down, had just drifted off to sleep when the doorbell rang.  Staggering down to open the door, eyes half-closed I was faced by two hot, red-faced lads with ladders,

"Window cleaners love", they announced.

"Oh OK" I muttered reluctantly, then hastily realising what a rare sight they were, added "you look hot, would you like a cold drink?"

Ten minutes later all windows gleaming they departed and I decided since i was thoroughly awake now to venture out the front with secateurs.

My front garden is ablaze with Hibiscus, Roses and Day Lilies, and there are literally hundreds of bees and butterflies all over those and the white Buddleia.

Funnily enough the bees buzz a bit angrily but never attempt to sting while I cut out all the brown dry tails of the Buddleia, and the butterflies do a mad dance all around my head then settle again once I move on.

Really the only insect currently causing me any problems (probably speaking too soon), is the odd wasp.

Perhaps they hate the heat too, but for whatever reason, they seem always to be in a rage and only too happy to remind you they are around.

The sky is a leaden grey-white, not a hint of blue and I think we may get a thunder storm if we are really lucky, but me, I'm going to lie down again.


  1. You are describing the main reason why I left Eassex. Continual heat had become an every summer event and I too hated it. Here in Cornwall there is always a breeze.....often a gale but it is easier to deal with than humidity. September soon!

  2. You are so right Jean. Essex in particular, is famous/notorious for it's lack of rain.
    However, The Lord was listening (or at least reading my blog) it seems, this morning started wet and it has got ever wetter through the day and is currently (4.20pm) pouring.
    Not so good is the fact that today was our "Space" organisation fair at St Mary/s and we had only about half the people we normally get thanks to the weather.
    Oh well. can't win em all.

  3. Ray, I was about to ask whether you'd got your thunderstorm, when I read your reply to Jean. Heat is one thing, but heat plus humidity and airlessness is dreadful and i hate it too, as it always makes my asthma worse. I do hope things feel cooler and fresher for you now.

  4. Yes, we did have a couple of days when it was a little better, but since then it has warmed up once again and we are cloudy humid and uncomfortable again.

    It is impossible to weed as the ground is rock hard and the 'Triffyds' snap off at soil level.

    The jungle creeps ever nearer and the day's of a possible 'Prince Charming' breaking through the brambles to get to me are even more remote than 30 years ago!

    Heigh Ho!