Saturday, 25 August 2012

Cloud watching as a way of life

One of  my earliest memories was of lying on my back in the back garden, listening to the drone of bees in the nearby lavender bushes and looking at the clouds.  Not with anything at all in mind, more an absence of mind, but just looking.

As I developed into an exceptionally dreamy and fanciful child, the cloud watching became an escape.

Towers, castles, faces, animals, all were there, plainly to be seen or so I thought.

When I was in my teens, about 14 or so, I was madly in love with the head boy of my school, one Graham Stone.  My dreams always included at least one
scene with him as the prince to my princess.  The nearest to reality this ever came was when on a school trip to see "Joan of Arc", the Ingrid Bergman version, he put his arm round my shoulders.  Wow! how daring.

Innocent days, innocent ways.  Still the dreaming and cloud watching went on.

If someone was lecturing me or generally telling me off about something (a very common occurrence) I would look out of the nearest window at the sky and escape from the situation as best I could and find comfort and support in my blue and white world.

As may be obvious, many of the pictures which head my blogs are of sky from upstairs windows, Restricted by the windows only opening half way, the view is always limited but always changing.

I have a particular love of rolling boiling billowing grey or black clouds and were I a better photographer could really go to town in a crazy season like this one, with storms alternating with brilliant sun, rainbows and dazzling diamond raindrops on shrubs and flowers.

The two I've included this morning fail completely to show their true vivid violet blue, the camera can indeed lie or at least distort, and they should not have been taken at all, since I am in the middle of vacuuming the house.  I stopped for a break because, yes, you've guessed, I'm afraid of approaching the corner where I fear the monster spider is lurking.

Any excuse will do to avoid another confrontation.

By the way the clouds are now dark grey, edged with gold, against a royal blue background.  More rain coming I suspect.

I've probably wasted enough time now, so time to face 'the enemy'.  Here goes!

By the way, this was my 300th post.


  1. And a lovely one to mark the occasion, Ray! I too love clouds, which probably as well as my life has always been spent in areas which get a lot of them. :-) Hope you've now managed to vanquish the monster.....

  2. Alas no, Perpetua. He has effectively vsnished and I am not not not going looking for him behind bookcases etc.
    I just hope he doesn't put in another appearance while I'm looking out of the window at the clouds.
    One thing is certain, if he does, you'll hear my yells across the Channel.

  3. Thanks Penny.
    I'll try to make the next 300 more interesting.

  4. 300, wow, well done you. Looking forward to the next 300!
    I too am a fan of clouds. In my teens I was lucky enough to spend many an hour in planes...I had albums of clouds from above.
    I now love sharing cloud pictures with my girls, it seems that even in their techie advanced generation cloud watching is still very high on the enjoyment list. For this I am both happy and grateful.

  5. Bless you for reading me Shona. The purpose of my blog is part diary part diatribery no I know there's no such word, and part (the main part) a means of setting up a dialogue.
    Which is why I really value all my readers, but most of all those who comment.
    Clouds viewed from a plane window always fill me with the desire to get out and walk on them. (until they part and the earth is viewed between them, far below) The great thing is they can be anything we want them to be.